Sunday, 6 September 2009

New experience

So I met this couple I was talking about. They seemed pretty normal really and quite nice. He was 45 and she was 50 but they seemed a bit younger. We met in a pub and she described what she likes in bed etc but didn't really spell out what she didn't like though I guess I could work it out. They were both a bit fat, fatter than me (I wonder if he was hoping for some slim supermodel lol).

Anyway, she went back home and me and him spent some more time at the pub and I didn't need to put my hand in my pocket :) He was quite good fun really, so I didn't have a problem when he took me back to a hotel he had a room at. He didn't really initiate anything so I told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He seemed quite agreeable to this so hopped on the bed and unzipped and got his cock out. It wasn't a great size, maybe 4 or 5 inches and wasn't too thick either. So I just got down to business and started sucking him off. I was at it for a minute or so before he gestured for me to take my clothes off. So I paused while I stripped and he stripped also.

I got back to business sucking him off and he was quite rigid really (his body…obviously his cock was rigid) and I asked him if he wanted to cum in my mouth. After all, I assume I was here to do *something* dirty. If I'm honest I would have let him do anal if he'd wanted as he had that cock that was just a good size for it. But he didn't ask so I just went back to licking and sucking his cock and like a good boy he was soon cumming and I was swallowing it all down.

So I asked him what happens now and he said he'd probably describe to his wife what I did. I wasn't sure if I'd see him again, so I did tell him that next time maybe he could fuck my arse and would he like to describe that to his wife? He certainly picked up a little but it was too late for him tonight lol so I just headed back to my own place. Maybe it'll give him something to look forward to?

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phallatio said...

These people are so lucky to know someone who is not only insatiable but adventurous. I would love to make your acquaintance.