Saturday, 2 May 2009


My friend called back about the "sex script" so I went over to hers. She'd basically drafted out that I'd be over for dinner and we'd just flirt and dress/act sexy then start snogging and go from there. She is sure he'll play along and wanted to know what I would and wouldn't do, so I told her I was pretty much open to anything. I waited to see if she would bring up "girl on girl", and she did and I told her I'd never done it but was willing to give it a go. She admitted she'd never done anything like that either. I asked what he liked and she said pretty much anything but would especially like two girls going down on him so that was a must. I asked if I should bring any toys but she said she had most things. It was all a bit strange and clinical really, I just hope that if it does happen it is more natural.

When I went back to mine I had a play with my rabbit and wondered what it would be like to lick a girl's pussy or have her lick mine. Have to admit I think I would quite enjoy it. Especially if some guy is getting all horny while watching and getting ready to fuck me after.

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Anonymous said...

the suspense is killing me...have you no update on the progress?