Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Cleaning up

I decided to give my flat a good clean and work fuck buddy said he'd help if I wore a French Maid outfit. Now I'm not one to turn down some help :) I've never really done the dressing up thing either so I bought a maid outfit with a frilly skirt that goes just below my ass and also shows some cleavage. I wore some black tights and a black thong underneath with a black bra too.

I got a headstart waiting for WFB to turn up and when he did he didn't seem too interesting in cleaning! After pawing my ass for a while I persuaded him that the quicker we get going the sooner we finish. So he followed me around from room to room and we dusted and cleaned. When it came to my bedroom I let him tidy up my knicker drawer which is also where I keep my toys :)

When we were all done I was feeling quite horny myself so WFB sat on the chair and I knelt in front of him and slowly undid his zip and let his cock spring out of his pants. I rubbed it down my cleavage a little before dipping the head of it into my mouth and wrapping my tongue around it. I gave it a shallow blow, running my lips just over the head and back while he slipped my bra straps off my shoulder and let my dress fall down to expose my tits which he had a play with as I continued to shallow suck him.

I went to the bedroom to get a condom and when I got back I stood in front of him with my back to him and bent right over. He torn a hole in the crotch of my tights and slid his fingers past my thong and straight into my pussy, rubbing my g-spot the way he always does when he fingers me from behind. Confirmed that I was wet enough I slid the rubber on his cock and climbed aboard. I just pulled my thong aside and straddled him, pushing down so his entire cock was inside me. I wriggled back and forward and bounced up and down, my boobs jiggling in his face.

My thong was starting to cut into me a little so suggested we do it doggy style. I knelt on the floor and WFB slid his big cock into me from behind and thrusted hard about 5 or 6 times then came. I was too horny to let it stop there though :) so I lay on my back and brought myself to orgasm while he watched.

I did wreck a pair of tights in the process but it was certainly worth it.

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BlueEyes69 said...

Yummmm! Great way to clean! Did you get any pics? Would love to see the outfit, as my bf, Jay, is telling me I need to get one!