Sunday, 12 September 2010

More dates

More internet dating last night :) This one was quite good though they're starting to get a bit samey. This guy was from about 50 miles away though he stayed over in a hotel and we went out for a meal. The best thing about dating different guys is that you don't have to find new outfits for each one :) This guy was younger than me at 28 and quite shy and quiet really. The meal was ok if a bit of hard work but he was quite nice looking and I could tell he was loving my boobs which is always a plus.

After the meal I asked if he had some more booze at his hotel room but he hadn't. Bloody hell! So we stopped off at an off-license for a bottle of wine and he showed me to his hotel which was just your bog standard travel lodge type affair. We had some of the plonk (thanks to the supplied hotel plastic cups!) and he seemed quite nervous so I gave him some body contact to try and calm him down, like my hand on his leg and stroking his arm.

Eventually I leaned in and whispered in his ear "I'll suck your cock if you want me to". He seemed to perk up a little at that and said "Sure…" "Well get it out then…" He undid his trousers and pulled them down a little then wrestled his cock from his boxers and lay flat on the bed. He was totally shaven which surprised me to be honest and semi-hard but a nice size. I started by wanking him until he got nice hard and before getting to work in earnest I told him if he felt like cumming just to let it out, I don't mind him cumming in my mouth.

I pretty much skipped the oral foreplay and get went straight to standard cock sucking, keeping my mouth nice and wet and taking long slow strokes up and down as much of his cock as I could fit in my mouth. I thought maybe he'd be exploding in seconds but he lasted a good few minutes even though his constant groans and cries sounded like he was on the brink of orgasm the whole way through. I knew I'd get there in the end though and when he started to buck and shake I knew what was coming next. Continuing to pump his cock with my mouth it was soon shooting jets of cream and what a shot! Wow…my mouth was just full of cum. I waited for him to fully finish before I swallowed it down in a single gulp.

"That was great" he panted, visibly recovering from his orgasm. I told him I was going for a shower so I went into the bathroom and stripped off and got into the shower. After 5 minutes I had to shout through to see if he wanted to do my back. He dutifully complied, and I told him to strip down and get in. He did as I said and got his hands all soapy and ran them over my back. He slid his hands down to my ass cheeks and even reached around the front to lather my boobs and play with my nipples. In return I turned to face him and also ran my hands all over his body and had a good look at his shaven cock too. He cupped his hand under my crotch and started to slide his finger around my slit and played with my pussy with his fingers too.

We got out and dried off and back in the bedroom I thought I'd better take the lead again. I handed him a condom which he worked over his cock which wasn't quite fully erect but it was getting there. I got on all fours and told him to fuck me doggy style. Using his fingers as a guide he slid his cock into me from behind and after a few strokes he seemed to get full rigidity and held my ass cheeks tight as he rammed into me. Moving his hands up my back he then gripped my shoulders and fucked me even faster. He still had a lot of stamina and pounded my pussy quite deeply for a fair time. "Now on my back" I told him, lying down with my legs spread and he held them open wide and fucked me with his body upright and I played with my clit as his cock slid in and out. After playing with myself I was soon cumming now and it was quite a loud one and brought him to the edge too and a few more seconds had him cumming too and us both lying on the bed exhausted.

This morning I awoke to his hands over my body, squeezing my tits, feeling me between the legs. I lay on my back and spread my legs slightly to let him know I was certainly up for anything. He started to lick my nipples as he fingered me which I loved and my moans and groans let him know…but I was looking for a little more so I gently nudged his head downward and he got the message and positioned himself between my legs. My pussy wouldn't have been that fresh :) but he certainly didn't seem to mind the way he licked it up and kissed it and greedily got stuck in…tongues, fingers, he was really going for it and I was just lying back and enjoying it. It took a while before he got me to the verge or orgasm but he didn't give up and eventually I got there, stifling my screams with a pillow as my cunt pulsed around his fingers, dripping wet.

He then knelt over my face, stroking his cock and I rubbed his balls, waiting for him to bring himself off and splash his spunk on my face. He closed his eyes and grunted as cum shot then dribbled from the end of his cock, landing on my face. When he had finished squeezing out the last drops I scooped it up with my fingers and licked it all down. It was getting close to midday so I didn't really have time to shower or anything before the room had to be left. I just pulled my clothes on and gave him my knickers as I wasn't going to bother wearing them home. All in it was quite a good fuck.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I had another date from the dating site. Don't really want to say too much about it. Guy was fairly old, probably mid 40s. He was more local and again bought me diner. We went to his after and I had about 3 licks of his cock before he came. In the morning we had sex but again it was over in seconds, he didn't seem too keen on giving me much pleasure either.

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Things have been a bit slow on the man front so I've turned to internet dating again to see if I can spice things up. It's not that hard at least getting dates so you often get a free meal if nothing else :) I set up a few of them and last night I met J at a local restaurant. He lives about 40 miles away but was renting a room at a local hotel so we could have a few drinks.

He was ok looking, fairly similar to his profile picture which is always a plus. I was wearing a cleavage-showing number and I could tell he was a breast man from the number of times I caught him looking. The meal was good and I could tell he was keen to impress so the wine was flowing. I didn't take the piss too much so caviar and lobster was off the menu, but I did have some nice pasta.

Conversation was good and we were getting on quite well. He steered the talk around to sex a few times which I didn't mind. He let on that he was quite well endowed which is a bit tacky, and let's be honest…not something I've never heard before :)

After the meal we went out for a few more drinks then back to his hotel room. To be honest I was up for anything which was lucky as when we sat on the bed he made a move and we started to have a bit of a snog. He made a bee-line for my boobs and gave them a good squeeze then reached around the back of my dress and unclipped my bra. He watched me as I slid out of my dress and got under the covers where I slipped my knickers off too and tossed them aside. He stood by the bed and undressed also and I waited eagerly for the boxer-dropping moment. He slid them down and I have to admit, he was indeed well endowed. His cock was probably semi-hard but a good 8 inches maybe though not especially thick.

He got under the covers too and my first move was to get him on his back and me between his legs. I took his cock in my hand and gave it some kisses and licks. Holding it in my hand I told him "you do indeed have a big cock" as I continued to kiss it all over. Moving my hand down to his balls I slipped the end in my mouth and ran my mouth up and down as far as it could go as I gently massaged his balls. I involuntarily groaned with each slow, deep stroke. I was quite eager to take his cock in my pussy but I was also enjoying sucking it so I thought I'd suck it a bit more and hope he didn't cum too soon. "You like that?" I asked, taking a break. "That's one of the best blow jobs I've ever had" he said. I took a rubber from my bag and rolled it down his cock and lay on my back. He got between my legs and spread them out, pushing my thighs down, and rubbed the tip of his cock over my clit. "Fuck me…" I begged him but he only teased me more. "I want that cock inside me" I continued, "fuck me hard." He slid his cock in me deep until I felt it bang off my cervix then the proceeded to fuck me very hard indeed. His cock couldn't even go all the way in and each thrust slammed into me, pushing against my whole body making my tits bounce hard.

I muffled my cries as best I could but after hard pound after pound I couldn't stop from crying out and yelping each time that big cock slammed into me. My yelps made him thrust even faster until he was also crying out and I knew he was cumming, filling the condom up with hot spunk inside me. He withdrew and I started to rub my clit as I was close to orgasm too and he watched as I finally brought myself off. It was the good hard fuck I was needing.

I went off to have a shower then we had a few more drinks and I slept over. In the morning it wasn't long before we were at it again, only doggy style this time. He was under instruction to not finish but tell me when he was going to cum and I was soon getting pounded hard again. Again each thrust really slamming into me as he pawed at my ass cheeks, digging his fingers in only his stamina wasn't quite as good this morning and he cried out he was going to cum, so I turned around and whipped the condom off and finished him off in my mouth, it barely taking three or four pumps with my hand until my mouth was filling with his cum.

Breakfast over with :) it was his turn and he put me on my back and started eating me out. His fingers were fucking me hard as his tongue rubbed my clit so I slowed his fingers down a little to a speed that would get me off and true to form I was having an orgasm too. He dropped me off at my place and I had a shower when I got in and I had a text message from him saying he had a great time. I told him I had a great time too and was about to have another good time thanks to my rabbit :) He didn't say anything about meeting up again so we'll see what happens.