Thursday, 23 February 2012

Coming back

At the weekend I was going out with my original work fuckbuddy and when he was getting showered and changed he wasn't shy about me seeing his cock, so I assumed it meant he was finally out of his relationship with whoever he was seeing. I quizzed him on it when we were out and my suspicions were confirmed. He made the odd suggestive comment about my oral skills and other things, but I pretty much laughed them off. Don't get me wrong, it'll be good to get my hands on his cock again, but I think he deserves to suffer a little first :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Role play

I was out with some girlfriends at the weekend and decided to wear my gran's wedding ring as a prop to see if guys would still approach me. Quite a few still did, but those I wasn't interested in I just told I was married, so that was handy! One guy was quite cute though and he was also married (well...he had a ring on anyway lol) We were just having a normal chat and things were going well, but eventually it got onto sex as it always does with guys!

He was asking how I was finding my sex life and I told him it wasn't very good, hardly had it etc. He said his marriage was the same but he wouldn't consider having an affair, and I said the same thing. We still talked about the kind of things we like in bed and we seemed quite compatible. Things got quite familiar with him asking how I "kept myself down there", was a natural blonde etc (seriously guys, can't you tell from the roots and the eyebrows!). As the beer flowed his eyes roved more and more blatantly over my boobs and he started touching my leg, arms etc.

My friends were moving on to another pub and I said I'd catch them up later. I took the opportunity and told the guy that I was staying at my friend's place overnight and if he wanted we could both satisfy some urges then go on our way? It was cheeky, and risky (I wasn't staying with a friend, I was planning on pretending my own place was my friend's *gulp*) and he thought about it for a while and said probably not. We went outside to get a cab and had a bit of a snog while waiting. I whispered in his ear that I wanted his cock, that I'd swallow every drop, that I'd be his slut for the night. Who could resist that? ;) So we both got a taxi back to my "friend's place" (luckily I don't have any pictures of myself laying out).

When we got to mine I took him to the bedroom and we got right to business. He greedily stripped me bare, then took off his own clothes. His cock was already hard and a good size. About 6" and thick too. He wanted to lick me out first, so I lay on my back and he kissed and sucked on my nipples, then gradually kissed his way all down my body until he was at my crotch. My legs were already spread and his tongue worked my clit very well. His tongue movements were varied, as was his pressure, but I find it hard to cum with just tongue and no fingers, but I didn't mind as I was enjoying it all the same.

He was going down on me for a good 5 minutes I think before he started using his fingers. When he slipped a finger in and fucked me with it while working my clit I was groaning like mad and came within seconds, his tongue probing me to taste my pussy. I wanted to return the favour so I got him on his back and went right to work on his cock. I sucked on him slow and deep but he was on the verge of orgasm almost from the first stroke of my moist mouth down his hard shaft. I went right to my finishing move of pushing my tongue against his cock while I slid it in and out of my mouth and he told me he was going to cum. I didn't want to stop to say anything in case I missed it, but I wanted him to know that he could cum in my mouth. Instead I just moaned to let him know I was looking forward to it, and he exploded in my mouth with his hot spunk. It was a big load but I managed it.

After that we lay in bed a while just kissing and cuddling and running our hands over each other's bodies. I asked him what his favourite position was and he said he liked doggy style. I was periodically feeling his cock to see if it was getting hard again. I told him I loved to get fucked from behind, and I complimented him on his cock too, saying it was bigger than my husband's (tell them what they want to hear I guess lol). His hands started to rub the front of my pussy so I figured this was him getting horny and hard again, and I wasn't wrong. His cock was back to an erection. He didn't have a condom but luckily I had one in my purse (would hate to have to go through my "friend's" drawers) so I slipped it on and got on all fours.

He got behind and pushed his cock in from behind. He started slow and asked if I wanted it faster. "Fuck me hard and fast" I egged him on. He responded by banging away hard and fast, "you like this you slut?" he barked at me while pounding hard. "I love your cock in my cunt" I snapped back, and I meant it, he was fucking me nice and hard.

After doggy we switched to me on my back with legs in the air and he thumbed by clit while his cock slid in and out, and that soon brought me to orgasm and I could feel my pussy grab hard at his cock while my whole body shook. I had to have him stop for a while so I got him on his back to give my pussy a break, and I got on top and went at a slower pace until I recovered. This gave us a chance to have a snog too while I gently rocked on top of him, feeling his cock inside me and pushing my clit down on his body. He reached right behind me and started to rub his finger against my asshole as I rocked back and forth. Gaining in confidence he started to dip his finger a little into my arse. I reassured him that it felt good but to go slow, and we kissed quite passionately with his cock in my pussy and his finger in my arse.

I got off of him and took the condom off and got into a 69 position with me on top. He licked my pussy while I sucked on his cock, and periodically I'd sit up to give him better access and he rimmed my arse with his tongue, and then I'd go back down to take his cock in my mouth again. I didn't think he was going to cum again, so I got off of him and we went back to cuddling for a bit. He kept slowly wanking his cock as we were cuddling so I asked if there was anything else he wanted to try? He said he wanted to fuck my arse, but I told him that was my only condom. I said that I'd loved to have felt his cock in my arse though cos I was feeling like a slut. His started to pump his cock faster so I continued to dirty-talk, telling him I'd love him to fill my arse with his spunk. He concentrated on pulling himself off to my words of encouragement, and when he was ready to blow I positioned my head by his cock and let him dribble his cum on my face. There wasn't much of it, but I lapped it into my mouth with my fingers.

We lay in bed for about a half hour more after that, both exhausted...and the best thing? He got dressed and went off home :) It was too late for me to go back out though, but I had a great night of sex so I wasn't bothered :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ground rules

My original WFB is seeing someone at the moment so he is being quite boring. I got a lift home from work by my new WFB, who I think is still a bit naive so I took the chance to clarify a few things for him. I invited him in for coffee, which he accepted. I left him in the living room while I went to change out of my work clothes and into a knee-length flowing skirt and t-shirt. I sat next to him on the sofa and was quite "hands on" with him. I'd stoke his leg, touch his hand, and he'd do the same to me. My hand would get further and further up his leg, and he's start touching my leg more too. At one point he slid it up so high he was inches away from the fabric of my knickers.

"Do you know what it means when a girl asks you in for coffee?" I asked him. "I think so" he replied. "You don't have to pussyfoot around me, you know, if I invite you in for coffee it means I'm up for some fun". As I told him this I started to fondle his crotch. His cock was getting hard. "Any time you want some fun, you just have to ask" I continued. With this he made a grab for my boob and fondled it over my t-shirt and we started to kiss each other hard. While kissing I undid his fly and released his cock. I broke off from the kiss to start going down on him. His hands wandered over my back and down to slip under my skirt as his hips thrust his hard cock deeper into my mouth while he fingered the band of my knickers.

He stopped me when he was on the brink of orgasm and led me into the bedroom. I stripped naked and got on all fours. He knows where I keep the condoms so he slipped one on and fucked me doggy until he came, which wasn't long. Having had his fun he manoeuvred me onto my back and got between my legs to bring me off with his tongue and fingers.

A quick, but functional and enjoyable fuck, and more importantly I feel he knows where we all stand a bit better :)