Saturday, 5 May 2012

Working it

I was at the gym today and I could have swore I saw a guy with a hard-on. He wasn't walking around proud with it, but he kept his towel in front of him and I could have swore his cock was rock hard under it. Later on I was in the sauna, and a guy walked in and it was just the two of us so I asked him if working out normally makes guys hard. He said he'd heard about it but never had it happened to him. He left and a bit later someone else came in so I asked him too, and he was a personal trainer and seemed to know a bit more about it. He said it's fairly common and related to testosterone production. I never knew guys were working out with so many hard-ons lol. Anyway, the trainer told me what his website was and said he'd give me a free home session if I was interested. He looked good and I'm kinda hoping that it's not a training session he was talking about lol When I got home I fired him an email anyway.


Reed said...

He was talking about what you want him to be talking about.

Working out doesn't get me hard, even when I used to work out at the YWCA. But when I as a pre-teen, climbing the ropes in the gym would always get me rock hard.

Advizor54 said...

i think they are just covering for getting hard as they watch all the women in spandex. When you workout your body diverts blood from internal systems and puts it out in the muscles, lungs, heart, etc. When I was younger I would go running with my GF and she would tease me mercilessly before we started, just to get me hard and then see how long it lasted once we started running. It never lasted for long. There's just not enough blood to go around.

And don't trust the personal trainers for any real knowledge, most of the gyms I know will call anyone a PT once they have passed a course on how to sell memberships.