Thursday, 21 June 2012

So I went to help my crippled friend this morning. I guess things were a bit awkward lol but I picked him out some clothes and stuff, he was just in his boxers when I got there. I picked him out some boxers too but he said he'd just keep on the ones he had. I told him that was pretty disgusting, but I give him the shirt to put on, and readied his jeans, but thought I'd try and talk him around again. I told him I understood that it was embarrassing, that it was embarrassing for both of us, but that it was only a cock, I *had* seen one before :) I said that it'll only be bad the first time, and that after that it wouldn't be embarrassing at all and we could just get on with things.

He was still a bit reluctant so I toyed with the leg of his boxers and said we had to do it like taking off a it off decisively and fast :) "Ok...go on then" he smiled, so I pulled his boxers off to leave him lying on the bed, cock out for me to see. Mmm...not *much* to see lol I can see why he was so reluctant :) So I put his new boxers on then helped him with his jeans and socks. I asked how he normally washed and he said he can pretty much handle that himself, it was awkward but do-able. I told him that next time I'd give him a bed bath :)

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Advizor54 said...

An erotic mix of "ahh how sweet" and "please don't get arrested" and "poor guy...maybe next time..."

On the humanitarian side, it's awfully nice of you to help. When I'm in need, I'll give you a call.