Saturday, 29 December 2012

Shower sex

After our work Christmas do I took new WFB back to my place but we were both pretty pissed so just stripped off and went to sleep.  Unfortunately this meant I woke up pretty horny.  We were both naked under the covers which was a good start, so I went to the toilet to have a bit of a clean out, and when I got back to the bedroom he was up and asking if he could have a shower.  Ever the ecologist :) I suggested we save water by showering together.

He was up for this and I could see he had a semi on already so I snuck some jonnies into the bathroom too.  We had a good time lathering each other up and had some mutual anal play too, which I enjoyed.  Given how often I have something up my arse I can probably count on one hand the number of things that have been up someone else's :)  On my knees I fingered his butt while I sucked his cock and I really enjoyed the sensation of his ring tight on my finger as he rocked his cock into my mouth.  I think I'm pretty good at anal play, not too hard or fast, and he seemed to be very receptive to it.  After fingering him, he stood me up and I turned with my back to him he had his hands all over my boobs, my bum, down the front of my pussy and finally popped a finger up my arse too.  Soap makes a great lubricant :)  I made sure to let out a moan to know I was enjoying it, and his reaching around to tease my clit only heightening my pleasure.  I started to rock back and forth to get the full sensation from the finger in the butt and the one on my clit.

"Do you like that?" he whispered in my year and I nodded in response.  "We're in the shower so we can be as dirty as we like" I whispered back.  I told him where the condoms were and he stepped out to put one on while I prepared by leaning forward with my hands on the shower wall, leads slightly spread and bum pushed out.  He stepped back in and immediately slid his cock in my cunt and thrust hard, pushing me again the shower wall and reaching around to grab at my boobs too.  "Fuck me dirty" I moaned, pushing back against him as he fucked me.  He continued thrusting his cock between my legs, "be as dirty as you want" I moaned, but he didn't seem to be getting it, but he's only young lol.
I pushed his leg back so he stopped fucking, then I dipped a soapy finger into my arse a few times while he stood and watched.  When I stopped, he stuck his own finger in my arse then slid his cock back into my pussy.  I didn't want to force things as I guess some guys don't want to do anal but he didn't seem to have a problem fingering my ass.  I needn't have worried though, as he only fingered me briefly before slipping his cock out of my pussy and pushing it inch my inch into my arsehole.  He has a lovely long cock, not too thick, and it felt great in my bum.  "Be gentle" I asked, steadying myself against the shower wall while this young stud gave me a slow arse fucking, playing with my nipples and running his hands all over my body as he did so, occasionally whispering into my ear that I was a dirty bitch and other loving terms of endearment that a girl likes to hear while getting it up the arse :)

It was one of those rare occasions when I was really enjoying anal...a mix of his cock and just how horny I was feeling, but it did eventually have to end and given how loud and how long he groaned I assumed it was a very happy ending indeed.  When he was done he left me alone to finish showering and that's not all I finished lol and yes the shower head helped me finish that too ;)

After the shower I just got dressed in the bedroom (which new WFB seemed happy to watch too), gave him a nice long snog and he left.

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glad you're back.

was wondering where you wenr