Friday, 22 June 2012

This morning, as promised, I offered to help him wash. I've never given someone a bed-bath before, but I got a flannel, bowl of water, some towels etc and helped wash him down. He kept his boxers on, and when I got to the end I went to take his boxers off but he said that was enough. Surely this was the best bit! :) I said I didn't mind, so off the boxers came and I started to wipe the flannel over his cock and balls. I lathered my hand up and started to stroke my fingers up and down his shaft, and under the rim of his helmet. He went to move my hand away, but I reassured him it was fine. I told him that when we were done I might even give him a treat. So he let me continue and my rubbing and stroking soon coaxed him to an erection, but he still seemed tense and nervous. "Good boy..." I purred, as my hand worked his shaft. Erect he was about 4 inches or so, average thickness. When he was cleaned I towelled him dry and slipped my mouth over his cock, all the way in. He grasped tightly at the sheets and my tongue twisted around his cock as I gently licked and sucked him. I gave him long slow strokes with my lips all the way from his head right down the whole of his cock, working to a steady rhythm. He grabbed the sheets even tighter and gave out a huge cry as he started to cum in mouth. It was quite a mouthful but I swallowed it all down.

I helped him dress and told him that tomorrow was probably the last day I could help him as my late shifts at work were ending.


Advizor54 said...

You give the nursing profession a well-deserved reputation for compassionate service..


Reed said...

I like how you're always giving us the 411 on guys' cocks. It's one of your endearing habits.