Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Girl power

I had a girlfriend stay over at the weekend, she's stayed over loads of times before and is married. She's been married for quite a while, and when we were a few glasses of wine down she admitted that he doesn't like to go down on her. She says she hasn't had any oral for about a year! Wow. I told her I couldn't tolerate that, that I'd just have an affair or something :) She said that wasn't really I option. She also said she still goes down on him, so it's not very fair, but she deliberately doesn't go down on him as much as she would otherwise. It's a shame as she is quite attractive, nice body with big boobs.

When we were finally ready for bed, we both got into my bed as we normally do, and continued having a bit of a gas. We're never naked, usually t-shirt and knickers, or pjs. When we turned the lights off I was lying back to have a kip when I felt her hand start to rest on my leg. I wasn't sure what she was doing, but I reciprocated anyway and put my hand on hers too. I started to stroke her leg and she started to stroke mine. At the top of my stroke I could feel the cotton of her panties on my palm. I slipped my finger into the band of her pants and hooked it. She didn't seem to respond so I unhooked her knickers and moved my hand more to her crotch. She parted her legs a little, allowing my first and second fingers to slip down her crotch, pushing against the outside of her knickers. She gasped a little but I could also feel her pushing and grinding against my fingers, starting to breathe heavier.

I moved my hand inside her knickers and my fingers found a bush of pubes. I kept running my fingers down until I could feel her clit and the opening to her pussy. I rubbed my finger just inside her pussy and I could feel that it was wet already, and quite warm. I knelt up between her legs and slid her knickers off. In the dark I could see her dark bush but she shaved around her lips so they were bare. Her lips were quite big, as was her clit which was prominent. I got closer and her pussy was smelling quite strongly with a musky smell. I started to thumb her clit and she grinded against my movements. I decided it was time to take the plunge and gave her pussy a long, slow, lick with the flat of my tongue. It was quite a sharp taste but not unpleasant. I then pushed my tongue as far inside her pussy as I could to get a better taste of her.

Tasting over with, I started to get down to business and run my tongue all over her clit...licking it, kissing it, gently sucking up...running my tongue over her lips and into her pussy too...all the time I was getting egged on, and turned on by her moans of pleasure. I dipped my fingers into her pussy and moved them rhythmically in and out, matching the pace on my tongue on her clit and she quickly came to orgasm. I could tell it was a good orgasm from how much her body was shaking. I waited for her to recover, then started with my tongue again, tasting her wet pussy, fingering her inside until she had her second orgasm. She cried out louder this time and I enjoyed watching her react to how she was cumming.

I lay back down beside her, and I don't think she wanted to go down on me, but she did return the favour by rubbing me between the legs until I came myself.

In the morning she was quite upbeat and didn't mind talking about what we got up to. She told me she really loved it and it felt great after having been so long. I asked if she was going to tell her husband and she said she'd need to think about that. Her hands were under the duvet, which I slid back to reveal she was doing what I thought she was doing. Her fingers were just below that dark bush of hers, gently rubbing her pussy. She offered her fingers up to me which I took in my mouth and sucked.

I got between her legs and in the light I had a much better view of her pussy...her big clit and her thick lips. Quite a bit different from my own pussy, but TBH they pretty much tasted the same. I pretty much did what I had done the night before and started to lick her out, only she seemed even more animated and was obviously enjoying it. She took her top off and I added tweaking her nipples to my repertoire. She had big, firm boobs not unlike my own but her nipples were smaller and harder. I quickly had her cumming with just my tongue and she was loud with her appreciation.

After that we both got showered and dressed and she left for home. I was gagging for an orgasm myself so I dipped into my toy drawer for some satisfaction :) I had to run some errands in town and I had the same funny feeling you have after having anal sex. When dealing with people, buying things, talking to the back of your mind you're always thinking "What would they think if they knew I had a stiff cock fucking my arsehole last night?" Only this time I was wondering what they'd think if they knew I'd been tonguing a pussy. I'm still not bisexual though, I don't "fancy" girls, I'd never go out with one, it was just helping someone enjoy their body, and I enjoyed it too. I love cock too much to switch sides :)


Anonymous said...

more, more i say

Reed said...

An affair isn't really an option, but it's ok for her to have a cunnilingus buddy? Lucky you!

Advizor54 said...

I'm going to recommend this post to a friend for Sunday Morning reading... What a wonderful read to start the day.

Have you gotten back together with her since that time?