Sunday, 15 April 2012

Party time

I was at a party at the weekend with some friends and I got talking to a particular guy, and we seemed to hit it off. The party was ok, but at about midnight or so we got to having a bit of a snog and when he suggested going back to his place I was definitely up for it.

We got a taxi to his place and had some more snogging on the way. I had a feel of his crotch and his cock was hard which is always a good sign. Didn't feel massive, but that can be deceptive. At his place we didn't waste any time and went to the bedroom for some more snogging, stripping each other naked in the process. I think my matching blue bra and knickers might not have been appreciated with the speed they were off my body and on the floor, but I could tell my boobs were certainly appreciated and he sucked on my nipples with great delight. From my boobs he went straight down to my pussy so I spread my legs for him and we both moaned and groaned as his tongue tasted my pussy deep. I like it when a guy really enjoys eating pussy and isn't just going through the motions.

I hadn't got a good look at his cock yet so I was glad when after going down on me for a few minutes he came up for air. I pushed him on the bed onto his back so I could return the favour. His cock wasn't massive, but it was big enough and I easily took it all in my mouth, right down to his balls. I love it when I can deep throat a guy so I gave him a lot of slow, wet mouth action, listening to each groan and cry when I did something he particularly enjoyed.

I wasn't sure if he wanted to go all the way in my mouth, so I started to make some cheeky eye contact to see if he wanted me to keep going. He got up from under me and got some condoms from the bedside cabinet and slipped one on. "How do you want me?" I asked him. "Any preferences?" he replied, so I gave him a long, hard snog, then told him I just wanted his cock inside me.

He proposed doggy so I got on all fours and he took me from behind, fucking hard and fast as he grabbed at my arse cheeks, using them as grip to pull me onto his cock. He slowed up, then finally stopped, and pulled his cock out and slid it up and down the entrance to my pussy, teasing me. His cock then rubbed against my arsehole then back to my pussy for some more teasing before going back to rub my arsehole. I rested my forehead down on the bed and reached behind me to spread my cheeks, exposing my arse to him even better. He pushed his cock back into my pussy for a few more pumps then came. After withdrawing his cock, I dropped down onto my stomach and started to rub my own clit under me, bringing myself off quite quickly as I was feeling so horny and it was quite a loud orgasm.

When I woke up in the morning I could hear someone else walking around the flat but the guy was still asleep so I thought I'd better wait until they woke. About 5 or so minutes later the bedroom door opened and another guy walked in. "Hi" I said cheerily, stark naked under the covers, and he introduced himself as the roommate and he was still in his boxers. At this introduction the guy woke up and the flatmate and him exchanged some pleasant banter about the previous night out on town. "I see you got lucky" the flatmate said, nodding in my direction. "Sure did" he smiled back, and I felt his hands creep toward my crotch under the covers. They continued to talk as his finger gently run up and down my clit, dipping into the mouth of pussy on the down stroke. I tried to keep a straight face, but eventually I couldn't anymore and my head lay back and I let out a groan.

"What are you doing under there?" the flatmate asked, pulling the covers aside to reveal my naked body, legs slightly open, having my pussy played with. The guy took another condom from the box, slid it on and got between my legs and fucked me with the flatmate just watching. I reached behind and steadied my hands against the headboard, cushioning the blow each thrust of his cock into my pussy made. The flatmate came around to stand by the bed with his hard cock peeking out of his boxers, his hand slowly working it, watching my boobs bounce up and down as I got fucked right in front of him.

With a few grunts and groans the guy finished and rolled off me, leaving my legs splayed open, my entire body exposed. The flatmate dipped into the condoms himself, slid one on and dipped his cock into my freshly-fucked cunt and continued where the guy left it was his turn to watch my boobs bounce while his flatmate fucked me too. He didn't last too long and soon my pussy had milked its second cock dry. He slipped out also of my well-fucked pussy remained exposed to their greedy eyes. All that was left was for me to work my clit to orgasm while they both watched.

I got dressed and left, wondering if they'd be up for a "proper" threesome in the future.


Chaosm said...

There's always the exhibitionist in us that's just dying to show off his/her sexual soul.

Reed said...

I always like pretending I'm either you or one of the other people in your encounters. I was doing a good job of pretending to be the second guy, stroking my hard cock in my boxers while watching you get fucked, waiting my turn, except you forgot to tell us how big my cock is.