Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Working out

I had my personal trainer appointment today at my flat.  I wasn't sure what to wear so just had my normal gym gear of tight black leggings, black g-string and a loose t-shirt.  I wanted to wear nothing at all :) but I thought maybe he *was* here to train me so I thought I'd better play it straight.  He wore a pair of shorts, showing off his nice muscular legs, and a tight t-shirt too.

We did some stretching and some warming up, then he showed me a few exercises that I could do with some smaller weights.  I've never had a personal trainer before so I wasn't sure what is "normal", but I think there was a bit of touching and positioning that maybe you wouldn't have?

I'm not sure, but it was enough to let me try a bit of flirting, so when we were resting I told him it was ok if he gets a hard-on, he doesn't need to hide it :)  He laughed and said he only gets that when doing heavy weights, so I asked him if there was anything else that would make him hard :)  He didn't really answer, but he got me back doing some exercises.  He got me on all fours, and when I did he motioned for me to put my legs a bit wider.  He did this my holding my inner thigh, inches from my pussy, and pulled my legs apart.  I opened my legs as asked, and pushed my bum out a little too.  He held my butt cheek in his hand and told me to pull it in a bit, which I did, and his hand lingered before leaving my butt.  "What would you do if I got a hard-on?" he asked me.  "Do you?" I replied.  He moved around to kneel in front of me and I could clearly see a hard cock pushing against his shorts.  "I want you do so some neck exercises" he said, getting fight in front of me, and pulled his shorts down letting his cock spring out.  And what a cock!  Thick and long, and rock hard.  Staying on all fours I opened my mouth and he moved his cock into it, I clamped my mouth down and he moved his hips, gently fucking my mouth while he steadied his hands on my shoulders.

I moaned in pleasure to let him know much I loved sucking his cock, and he moved his hands down, then back up my back, giving a nice back massage while I gave him a cock massage.  He took his cock from my mouth and went behind me, pulled my leggings down to expose my thong.  He slid it aside and pushed his cock deep into my cunt, then started fucking me slow and deep.  What a cock, it was amazing, but after a few pumps I suggested we go to the bedroom.  I took my leggings off and repositioned my knickers, then led him through to the bedroom.  I opened my bedside drawer and got a condom out for him, which he slid on, then I took my top off and lay on the bed, face down with just my thong on.

He slide my knickers off and pushed them into my mouth, parted my legs and slid his cock back into my pussy and continued to fuck me.  The weight of his muscular body had me pinned to the bed, his hands pushing down on my shoulders, his cock fucking me slow and deep, tasting the musky scent of my wet cunt from the knickers shoved in my was amazing.  He fucked me with long, slow strokes, sometimes popping right out and then back in...sometimes it would pop out then push against my arsehole making me jump, then dive back into my pussy.

Suddenly he was ready to cum so pulled out, took off the rubber and pumped his spunk down my bum crack.  I took the panties from my mouth and moved my hand under me to get to my clit so I could finish myself off.  As I was doing so he lubed my arse up with his spunk and started to finger it.  I was close to cumming myself and managed to do so with his finger in me so he could feel my arse clench hard around his finger which I think he enjoyed.

He had other appointments after me so he got dressed and was good to go.  My kind of exercise!  Not sure if it was a one-off but he had a great body, great cock and I'd love to fuck him again.


Wee Ge Ge said...

Hi Sis.. Did you pay to personal trainer after you give him a good F?

~neighborhood milf said...

Mmmmmm, I loved this! I especially liked the panties in the mouth - I've had this done to me & it's such a slutty feeling!

Nice blog.

Reed said...

Slow and deep, with full pull-outs, that's how I like it. I also like how you finish yourself off.