Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hard day at the office

I had one of those really horny days today where I couldn't stop thinking about sex. I didn't get up early enough to masturbate so I think maybe that made it worse. I fancied maybe having a play in the toilets at work, but sometimes I really enjoy the feeling of being soooo horny. I asked new work fuck buddy if he could give me a lift home, and I did some fairly heavy flirting through the day so I'm sure he knew a fuck was definitely on the cards! When we got back to mine after work neither of us were in the mood for messing around so it was straight to the bedroom and straight to the toy drawer. I took out my butt plug to his great delight and we both stripped off our clothes. I gave him my knickers so he could see just how horny I had been and he was equally impressed with that! We didn't bother with foreplay really, it was on all fours for me while he lubed up the plug and pushed it into my bum, all the way to the stopper. Next up was his cock in my cunt, and he pulled and played with the plug as he fucked me from behind so I got the feeling in both holes which makes the sex much more intense. He was screwing my pussy with long, slow strokes, and slowly pulling the plug right out of my arse then slowly pushing it back in...the feeling when it just pops out, and when it just starts to push in is soo intense and was pushing me closer than ever to orgasm. "I love that up my arse", I egged on, "I fucking love it". "Dirty girl..." he teased back, "Do you want my cock in your arse?" "God yes...fuck my arse", and he didn't need to be asked twice. He pulled the plug out and eased his cock into my arse...every intense he pushed it in I kept thinking it was all in but the inches kept coming. Fully inserted it felt like a coke can, that I couldn't possibly be stretched any more. He pulled it out and in, continuing with the dirty talk, asking how I liked being fucked in the arse, and I replied with more filthy talk myself, and it was one of those moments when I was so horny I was loving it, loving the intensity, the naughtiness of it, and almost as soon as it started it was over with him filling the condom deep inside me. He pulled out and I collapsed on the bed, on my back, my fingers speedily bringing me to a long, hard, screaming orgasm! When I had showered up I returned the favour and gave his cock a lot of very welcome attention with my mouth, then sent him home a happy boy :)

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Advizor54 said...

I'm in the job market right now. I think a work friend like you would be just the ticket at any new employer.