Saturday, 22 September 2012


Work fuck buddy and I had a hasty mini-holiday to take advantage of the recent good weather.  Nothing extravagant, just camping fairly local but it's always good to get away.  Also I was sure some sex would be in the offering, and it's been months and months.  On the drive there he talked a little about the relationship he was just in and blah blah, so I think some re-bound sex was on his mind too!  Not that I minded.
At the campsite we set up somewhere at the edge, you couldn't get totally away from people but we weren't surrounded and had the mouth facing the surrounding woodland.  The sun was blistering hot, so after getting the tent up etc I was planning on changing into my bikini.  Our tent was quite private from passersby so I just stripped off and WFB offered to put some sun lotion on my back.  So I lay on my front in the tent and he massaged and rubbed lotion onto my back, shoulders, arms etc.  He started to move down to my arse and legs.  He quickly got out of his own clothes and soon I could feel his cock probe my arse crack.  I spread my legs a little for easier access and he pushed his cock all the way in me from between my legs and I couldn't help but sigh out loud in pleasure.  With his hands beside me holding his weight, he eased his huge fat cock inside me then out again, in and out, fucking me slowly but deeply.  It felt so good to get his cock again, and the fact that anyone could just walk by and see me getting fucked added to the excitement.  It was quick and functional though, and he gathered speed and soon my pussy was filled with warm spunk.  He pulled his cock out and I could feel cum slowly drip out of my pussy onto the tent.  I stayed where I was and he got some tissues to clean me up.
I didn't want to spoil the mood lol but I broached the bare back issue slightly and he explained that things were cool, he was doing it with his ex and was given the all clear.  We spent our days pretty much just lounging around the beach, drinking...and of course the occasional fuck :)  We didn't spend all our time together though, I got friendly with a couple of guys who were pitched not far from us and were normally sitting around late at night, drinking and whatnot.  One day I was going to spend the day with them at the beach so went to their tent in the afternoon.  They were probably about mid forties, on a mainly fishing holiday in the nearby lakes.  The both seemed to eye my boobs the same amount, but one seemed to flirt with me more, and he offered to rub some lotion on me, so I lay in his tent while he did my back.  He tugged at the clasp of my bikini top and undid it while he applied suntan oil on my back, sometimes moving around to my sides and brushing against my tits.  Then he went down my legs, and up the insides.  "Can you do my front?" I asked, turning over with bikini top laying across my boobs.  "You can do that yourself" he remarked, but I replied that I liked it when someone else did it.  He didn't need asking again and started to rub my arms, shoulders, then my belly.
He did my legs then started to get a bit braver and went around my sides, the top of my boobs...then he ran his hand up to do my cleavage which caused my top to slip, exposing my breasts.  He apologised, but I said it was ok.  Dabbing some more lotion on his hands he rubbed them over my boobs.  "Won't your boyfriend mind?" he asked.  "That guy I'm with?  He's not my boyfriend."  "I just thought that because you were sharing a tent..."  "No, we're just friends".  That seemed to please him and he continued to massage my boobs, and now started to tweak and rub my nipples, making them erect and starting to turn me on.  "It's your turn now" I told him.  I fastened my top and he lay on his back while I knelt on top and rubbed oil into him.
He seemed to want to probe my relationship with WFB a bit more, and I ended up admitting that we did occasionally have sex, not sure if that would put him off or turn him on.  After my revelation I suggested that he also turn over so I could do his front.  He turned over and I could see he was hiding an erection under his shorts.  I rubbed some oil into his shoulders, arms and chest while sitting across his legs.  I saw he had a wedding ring on so I talked to him about his wife for a while.  I put my hand up the short leg on the side that his cock was falling and brushed against it, then did his other leg.  "Should I close the tent....?" I asked him.  He paused for a while, thinking it over, then non-committaly said that I could if I wanted to.  I twisted around and pulled the zip down, closing us in.  I pulled the top of his shorts down and his cock sprang out.  I already knew it was a good size from the shape it made in his shorts, and it was stiff and hard.  My hands moved around it, brushing against it while I rubbed on the lotion.  I cupped his balls in my hand to gauge his reaction, and he seemed receptive.
I bent down to kiss the shaft of his cock and he let out a moan, egging me on.  I "sshed" him to remind him that people were outside, then returned to his cock which I teased with my tongue...licking and kissing the shaft again while he squirmed under me.  When he had been teased enough I took his cock full into my mouth, and to my surprise I could tell he was on the verge of cumming already.  He whispered for me to "stop", but I didn't...I ran my mouth the full length of his cock and it started to erupt heavily into my mouth.  He seemed quite embarrassed, but I just rearranged his shorts and told him it was yummy :)
We spent the day at the beach just lounging around drinking, then in the evening we did much the same back at their tents :)  When everyone else had retired for the night I told my suck-buddy that I'd better get back to my tent too.  He said that tomorrow was their last day, and he also gave me some spiel about his wife and how he didn't want to cheat on her and stuff.  I told him it was ok and that I'd try and catch up with him before they left.
Anyway, next day I got my usual morning dose of big fat cock courtesy of WFB :)  I spent most of the day sightseeing with him, but late afternoon I went off to the beach to try and find the other guy.  I found him at a place I knew he liked, and we went off further up the beach a bit where it was quieter.  He was keen to rub me up with lotion again, which I let him do.  I lay on my front on a towel while he rubbed lotion into my back.  He pinged off my bikini top to do my back.  I just took it right off as it was nice and sunny and it was quite quiet where we were.  "Going topless?" he asked me.  "A girl has to work on her tan lines" I told him.  He turned up over and started to rub lotion into my boobs.  I told him he was just working himself up again, and I could see a bulge already growing in his shorts.
When he was done I told him he should have a wank to get rid of his erection, assuming his wife doesn't mind him wanking :)  He confirmed that she didn't, so I suggested he do it on his side with his back to the busiest part of the beach.  He got on his side and slipped the top of his shorts down and his erection sprang out.  He started to pump it with his hand and I moved myself closer and pulled down my bikini bottoms to give him a view of my pussy.  He started to pick up the pace, then directed his cock and stated to push jets of cum onto my belly.  I pulled by bottoms up and went to the water to clean off.
I was quite horny so went back to my tent but WFB wasn't around so I just had to finish myself off :)  A good holiday and I'm glad I'm back on fucking terms with WFB too.


Hello said...

thats nice :D i wish i could join too :(

Anonymous said...

Totally hot. I can't wait to read your next post, Rachael.

Miss A