Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ground rules

My original WFB is seeing someone at the moment so he is being quite boring. I got a lift home from work by my new WFB, who I think is still a bit naive so I took the chance to clarify a few things for him. I invited him in for coffee, which he accepted. I left him in the living room while I went to change out of my work clothes and into a knee-length flowing skirt and t-shirt. I sat next to him on the sofa and was quite "hands on" with him. I'd stoke his leg, touch his hand, and he'd do the same to me. My hand would get further and further up his leg, and he's start touching my leg more too. At one point he slid it up so high he was inches away from the fabric of my knickers.

"Do you know what it means when a girl asks you in for coffee?" I asked him. "I think so" he replied. "You don't have to pussyfoot around me, you know, if I invite you in for coffee it means I'm up for some fun". As I told him this I started to fondle his crotch. His cock was getting hard. "Any time you want some fun, you just have to ask" I continued. With this he made a grab for my boob and fondled it over my t-shirt and we started to kiss each other hard. While kissing I undid his fly and released his cock. I broke off from the kiss to start going down on him. His hands wandered over my back and down to slip under my skirt as his hips thrust his hard cock deeper into my mouth while he fingered the band of my knickers.

He stopped me when he was on the brink of orgasm and led me into the bedroom. I stripped naked and got on all fours. He knows where I keep the condoms so he slipped one on and fucked me doggy until he came, which wasn't long. Having had his fun he manoeuvred me onto my back and got between my legs to bring me off with his tongue and fingers.

A quick, but functional and enjoyable fuck, and more importantly I feel he knows where we all stand a bit better :)


Anonymous said...

Like your style, I'm back every so often hoping for a new story

Advizor54 said...

It is always good to set the ground rules, all that guessing is just too stressful.