Sunday, 27 February 2011

First shag

I had my first shag of the year at the weekend. I was out on my friend's hen party so I was pretty sure I'd end up with some action as hen parties always attract the guys :) We were bar hopping and I had a few snogs and a few gropes, then ended up going home with a local guy. He was a fair bit younger than me, early 20s I think, but a pretty good body and not bad looking.

Back at his place he certainly didn't waste time. In the living room we started snogging pretty hard and his hands went right to my boobs and he groped and squeezed them while my hand unzipped his jeans, allowing me to reach in and pull his cock out. It was already hard and felt great in my hand as I slowly jerked it up and down, getting a feel for its size, which was good. Not huge, but good :) I got out of my top and bra then got on my knees between his legs to start to fully worship his erection. Mmm...I'd missed the feel and taste of hard cock. I licked it and kissed it passionately, I tongued it, stroked it, sucked on it. I didn't want him to shoot just yet though so I stopped to remove my trousers and thong.

He manoeuvred me behind the sofa and got into a rubber and fucked me from behind as I bent over the back of it. He ran his hands up and down my back and sides as he eagerly and furiously rammed his cock into me with quite some force and pace. I love getting fucked by younger guys, they're always so keen and energetic :) Dirty too as he started to play with my asshole with his thumb, rubbing it and pushing against it. I started pushing back on his cock as he fucked me and reached back to grab a butt cheek to expose my asshole even more.

From the back of the sofa we moved to the front and I sat with my legs up and separated, giving him a great view of my blonde pussy as he worked his cock in and out of me. I started to play with my clit, eager for an orgasm while he was pounding me. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance as a few minutes in he was soon filling the condom, but I didn't mind too much, it was still a good fuck.

We watched some telly, drank some more then went to bed and crashed out. In the morning I woke in bed with us both naked and had a look, then a stroke of his soft cock. He soon woke up and didn't mind what I was doing and his cock was soon rock hard. Taking it in my mouth with my hands on his balls and I gave it a nice slow suck off and right from the off he was moaning and groaning as if he was about to cum any moment. Spurring me on I started working on his cock even faster, working it with my tongue and mouth as my fingers gently worked his shaft. As I guessed he was soon in the throws of cumming, and a few moments later he could hold on no more and spunk exploded into my mouth. It never tasted so good as I swallowed it down, squeezing the last few drops out of his head to finish them down too.

After that we both dropped off again and woke about midday. I was hoping for some more action before I left and I wasn't disappointed :) His hands were all over my body, squeezing my boobs, rubbing me between my legs which I gladly opened, exposing my pussy to him. He got between my legs and started to kiss my pussy then graduated to licking it and fingering it. As well as dipping his fingers in my cunt he had another tickle of my asshole and realising I wasn't opposed to having it played with he started to push his finger in my ass as he also worked on my pussy and I was loving all of it.

He rolled another condom down his shaft and, holding my legs open at the thighs, his cock plunged into me and it felt amazing. My pleasure increased as he started to pump me, pushing his hard cock deep inside me, making me scream and moan with each thrust. After a few minutes in that position we switched to doggy and now his cock was fucking me even deeper and harder and he only lasted a few minutes more...finally shooting his load again.

After that I gathered up my clothes and headed back home :)

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Reed said...

Nice to see you're still at it, Rachael.