Saturday, 23 July 2011

Work do

I got a lift into work and back yesterday from new work fuck buddy as some people from work were having drinks in town after. New WFB waited at mine while I went to the bathroom for a quick shower (I went fully dressed, no man should see me in my work underwear lol). He had one after me and I was still pottering around in my underwear when he got out (slightly better underwear though). He motioned for me to get on the bed, which I did, and with a "Do you mind?" the crotch of my knickers was pulled aside, exposing my freshly trimmed, lovely smelling pussy.

Needless to say I didn't mind, what better way to unwind after work than a shower followed by a young eager chap licking you half-way to heaven? :D This rather unexpected treat brought me to orgasm quite swiftly. New WFB is beginning to impress me with his growing confidence, though I hope I'm not creating a monster....

The work do was at a swanky cocktail bar, and I was chatted up by some guy that wasn't in our party, but he was buying me drinks (normally about £10 each so I wasn't complaining :) ) so I sat with him and his pals for a while. My work do was moving on to some other club but I said I'd hang around a bit and maybe catch them up. After another drink my new companion suggested going back to his hotel. He wasn't massively my type, bit fat, bit short, but he had been buying me a lot of expensive drinks so I thought why not.

Outside the bar we got a taxi back to his hotel which was more of a family-run B&B type thing. In his room I told him I was going for a shower so I stripped off (which he seemed to watch keenly) then dived into the bathroom. Coming out with a towel around me he was already on the bed, naked with cock in hand. A girl likes a little mystery!! I told him the bathroom was free now and he took the hint. While he showered I got under the covers.

He came out of the bathroom with his cock still rock hard and sticking out erect. It was actually a good size, nice thickness. He dived under the covers and my hand went right for his cock and I ran my hand over it and squeezed it, sizing it up. His hand went straight between my legs too and he rubbed my clit as we both snogged quite heavily. I could tell he was very horny.

I pulled the covers back to expose his cock then put my head in his lap for a better look. I kissed it and it smelled nice and fresh, ready to lick which I did. He didn't shave or even trim so his pubes were a bit busy but I cradled his balls and got to work on his shaft anyway. Taking it as deep into my mouth as I could, which was only maybe half way. I concentrated on deep, slow, wet sucks and from his moans and groans he certainly seemed to be enjoying it. I had a feeling he might be too drunk to cum, but I didn't care as long as he stayed hard.

He said he wanted to go down on me for a bit so I got on my back and spread my legs for him. Twice in one day? Why not? :D I wasn't too drunk to cum so wormed under him while he went to work, really seeming to enjoy it. He didn't need any real direction, and I even accepted his finger going somewhere a lady doesn't normally allow hours after meeting someone, but I was too in the moment to complain. He seemed to slow up just as I was getting going so I urged him to continue on, confirming I was close to coming. He got back down to business, licking, slurping and sucking away at my twat. My breathing got quite short and just as pushed me over the edge he slid his finger up my arse at the same time which made the orgasm even more intense.

I was a little shagged out so we went to sleep, which I felt a bit bad about, but he got his cock sucked so he shouldn't complain, and he'd get more in the morning.

We both woke up horny and he was already hard. I gave it a few slow strokes and asked him how he wanted me. "Any preferences?" he asked. "I like doggy...?" I told him. He took a condom from was wallet and rolled it over his shaft while I watched. When he was suited up I got on all fours and he guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy and inched it in. It really hit the spot and filled me up, and felt even better when he gathered pace. His legs slapped against me, his fingers dug into my ass cheeks. I lowered onto my elbows, pushing my butt in the air for even better penetration, pushing out moans and groans of pleasure with each deep fuck.

Unfortunately he wasn't too drunk to cum this morning and we'd only been at it a few minutes before he had to withdraw. "Sorry I'm about to cum" he said. "It's ok" I reassured him...then added "where do you want to cum...." Given that he'd pulled out of my pussy I was guessing it was one of the other two :) Or maybe he wanted it over my tits or face? I could feel him nuzzle his cock against my arse but I pulled away and asked him again, "where?" He didn't say anything but against pushed his cock against my bum so I pulled away again. "Your arse" he finally said. "You want to cum in my arse?" I said, half surprised, have teasing. "Mmmm...." he agreed. "Tell me..." I purred. "I want to fuck your arse" he quickly replied. "Do you think I'm a slut?" I asked but I was soon gasping as his cock pushed its way in. It was very tight and sore and I asked again through gritted teeth "Am I a slut?" but the only reply was a grunt as he filled his condom full of spunk.

I moved forward so it plopped out and we both collapsed on the bed and snogged heavily, his hands all over my boobs. I looked down at his cock and was dreading it being quite messy, but it wasn't too bad, and I slipped the condom off him and took it to the toilet to dispose of it and wash my hands.

He had to be out by noon so I packed up, which I didn't mind as my arse was stinging anyway :)


Reed said...

Since when do you ever have to think about twice in one day, Insatiable Rachael?

plantpage said...

very hot..very jealous

William said...

Racheal, you never disappoint me with your slutty sexiness. I can read your stories over and over and get the most raging hard-on every time. I would love to have seen the look on your face while through gritted teeth you asked, "Am I a slut?" Oh God I want you to be my slut! You're so sexy; thanks for your stories. Will