Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tub party

The guy at the pub with the hot tub held another party. There weren't too many people there, them plus three other couples, I was the only single person. The started out fairly slow and normal, us just milling around the tub and the kitchen area in our swimming costumes, but I was hoping later on I'd get to see plenty of cocks swinging around lol

Come around 11pm another couple had turned up and everyone was fairly merry and it was the host couple that got things started by stripping off and getting in the tub naked. I was next to strip and then the others did too, which I got to watch. One guy in particular had a lovely cock...long and thick. Most of the guys were trimmed or shaved, as were the girls. The girls had some really nice bodies too, lovely boobs and some nice arses. I was the only natural blonde though and also had the biggest tits so I wasn't without my glances.

I sidled up the couple with the big dick, cos if that was my guy I'd share that dick around lol I wouldn't keep it to myself, that would be mean :) We spent a fair time chatting and a little flirting which they both seemed receptive too. When the other people had all left the tub to go elsewhere the guy said he loved my boobs and could he have a feel. "Sure..." I said, "if I get a feel of you" :) I said it in half-jest, but half-wondering how he'd react. He shuffled closer so our legs were touching and he leaned over to grope my tit and play with my nipple. I wasted no time and, under the water, my hand drifted over his leg and stroked the top of his cock...all the way from the top of the shaft to his head. I rubbed it up and down a few times then gripped it in my hand. It was twitching and stiffening as I started to slowly work my hand up and down, wanking him hard as he squeezed my nipples.

I didn't think how she would react, but whatever she was thinking, she certainly wasn't stopping me jerk her man off. His big cock felt amazing in my hand...oh to have it in my pussy! We continued like this, him grasping at my tits, licking and sucking my nipples and me working his cock harder and faster. Soon he stood up in front of me and took his cock in his own hand and after a few pumps he was spitting his spunk over my tits with great delight. The tip of his cock was inches from my face and I watched his foreskin rub back and forward, jetting out reams of cum that landed all over me.

I didn't want the cum getting into the water so I took the worst in my fingers and licked it clean then went to the kitchen to clean the rest off. They both came into the kitchen and said they were off for the night so I thanked them and they left. Now that was terrible!! Here I was all horny and now alone :( So I went back to the hot tub and finished off some wine and wondered if I should rub one out, but no-one was joining me so I did just that :)

It seemed that everyone had all gone to their rooms, or elsewhere, but I guess they were all couples so I just dried myself off and left for home.


Reed said...

What a strange and ultimately disappointing story. Next time just get on the guy and see what happens.

Rachael said...

I guess you could say that, but on the other hand I got my hands on an amazing cock :)

Anonymous said...

what a bummer. glad you got to have some fun though.

William said...

Well Rachael, once again you've got me all hot and bothered at work after reading your post. I wanted to go rub one out in the restroom but I had this huge bulge in my slacks and quite a long walk through the office to get to the toilet. Sooooo .... I just shot into a tissue underneath my desk. I have never pulled my cock out at my desk before but it was very exciting. Thought about shooting it on your tits like the gentleman in your story. Unlike the gentleman in the story I would have licked your sweet cunt and fucked you before leaving you alone like that. Probably even shared my wife with you too if you wanted. Ahhh sweet Rachael, thanks again.

Rachael said...

Hope you don't get caught with your willy out! You need a good secretary like who will take notes, or take cum in her mouth, whichever is needed. I would be able to put my underwear on expenses too, as it might be needed to releave you of stress at work ;)