Sunday, 27 March 2011

Going to hell?

Had an interesting shag last :) Met a guy in a pub in town and we were getting on quite well, he was looking in all the right places despite the fact that he was in town with his wife (who was out with her own friends) and I offered to walk him back to his hotel. On the way I took him on a quiet route that goes passed a church. Once in the churchyard I pounced lol I ushered him to a secluded nook and got up nice and personal so my boobs were pressed against him. I whispered in his ear that if he took his cock out I'd suck him off and swallow every drop. He said that he couldn't, and I started to squeeze my boobs and pulled my top down to reveal my bra and cleavage. I told him that she'd never know and I could tell he was wavering. Then he looked around to make sure we were alone and undid his fly and teased out his cock which was already half erect.

"You need to tell me..." I whispered in his ear, rubbing up against him. "I want you to suck my cock" he grinned at me. "Oh do you..." I teased back. "Get down and suck me off" he said, a little more forceful and direct, "I want to cum in your mouth."

I dropped to my haunches and his cock was rock hard in front of me and it felt warm in my mouth compared to how cold it was outside. I reach around and fondled his bum, pulling him toward me as he thrust his hard cock into my mouth. "Oh god oh god oh god" he moaned out as my tongue run up and down his shaft, my lips hugging and kissing his cock. I'd barely even started and my mouth was already being filled with his spunk. It took me be surprise but I did my duty and swallowed it down.

His limp cock was still hanging from his trousers as I went in for a snog, and he kissed me back hard, his hands all over my arse as he did. We tidied up and I showed him the rest of the way back. I got back to my own place and about 1am I got a text from him saying his wife was still out with her girl friends. I asked what he was going to do, and he replied that he didn't know. So I asked what he'd like to do :) He sent a text back saying he'd like to fuck me so I sent him my address.

I got started right away and was naked on my bed with a toy, slowly working my pussy in anticipation, it's not often you know you're about to get some action, and I brought myself to a few orgasms before the doorbell went. I answered it still naked, and ushered him in and toward the bedroom. He stripped off on the way and in the bedroom I lay on my bed beside my toys and he opened my legs and went straight for my cunt which was still dripping and very sensitive.

I told him to go slow and easy, and he fingered and lick me with gentle motions, commenting on how wet I was and how much he was loving it. He wasn't down there long but I wasn't too bothered, so he slipped a condom on and slid his cock inside. He was on top and rocked and fucked me slow but deep and hard and we kissed a lot too as we fucked. He seemed keen to try everything so was before long pushing me into doggy position which I was happy to do. Kneeling behind me his cock glided in and I told him to fuck me hard. He was glad to and pounded away, steadying himself by grasping my ass cheeks which wobbled with each thrust.

Without warning he suddenly whipped his cock out and took the condom off and ran the head of his cock up and down my ass cheeks and started pumping cum out, filling my ass crack. I reached around behind me and ran it up and down with my fingers, rubbing it into my asshole and even dipping a finger in up to my first knuckle. He watched me play with his spunk and then collapsed on the bed beside me, his limp cock lying on his belly. I licked the few remaining blobs of cum from the end of his cock then went to the bathroom to clean myself off. When I returned to the bedroom he had already dressed, "hump me and dump eh?" I joked. He came over and gave me a long and lingering kiss before heading off back to his hotel.


Reed said...

Rachael, I love reading your blog. It always make me want to go fuck River. Maybe I can get her to read it, too.

Reed said...

I'm still thinking about that incredible and well-told story. Hesitant guy who blows his load in your mouth in short order comes over later to show his stuff by eating you, fucking you good, and surprising you by shooting on your crack. Meanwhile you get to have a few pre-fuck orgasms. Making him ask for it and answering the door naked were nice touches. Bad wifey for indulging herself and leaving her horny huband alone in the middle of the night. I hope he told her what happened!

River and I did have a good fuck last night with a mind-blowing slow orgasm for me. That made a three-fuck weekend for us.

Rachael said...

I very much doubt he told her lol