Sunday, 17 April 2011


I cornered my possible new work fuck buddy today at work. I was the only girl working today so I took him to the ladies toilet. I told him that the sex stuff was just a bit of fun and I have it with someone else from work too. I asked him if he was cool with that and he seemed so.

"Cool" I said, flashing him a knowing smile. "Do you want to watch in the mirror out here? Or in the cubicle?" I asked. He said he'd like to watch so we got in front of the mirror and I knelt down and unzipped him and took his cock in my mouth while he watched in the mirror. I gave him a good show with lots of licks and slurps, running my tongue over his head, down his shaft, kissing his cock. He worked his own shaft while I licked around his head and when I thought he was cumming I offered out my tongue and his stokes got faster until he was finally laying a coating of thick, warm cum on my tongue. When he was finished I gave one big gulp and swallowed it down.

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Reed said...

Nice twist with the tongue at the end. I like how you keep it interesting.