Saturday, 31 December 2011

Young fun

My family and some of their friends were all over for xmas. The family friend had a son that I agreed to take off their hands for a while. He had just turned 20 so a bit young from me, but he was ok. I had some vouchers to spend so I took him into town and we popped into Ann Summers. He didn't seem to mind, so we had a look through the underwear and he told me what kind of things he liked. He had ok taste, but I ended up with a leaopord-print bra and thong. In the sex toys section I showed him the rampant rabbit vibros and told him that if he was going to buy one for a girl, that is the one to get. He wanted to know why they were good so I told him I'd show him when we got back to mine ;)

There was going to be a party later on so back at mine we were going to get ready, so I took him to the bedroom and took my rabbit from my bedside drawer where I keep my toys. I turned it on and showed him the little ears that I told him really do wonders when you place them against your clit. He was also interested in my double dildo. He picked that up and studied it, asking how often I used it. I told him every now and then, but the rabbit gets a lot of use, a few times a week.

I put the toys back in the drawer and shooshed him out so I could get ready. I put on my new undies and a long black flowing dress that shows off a bit of cleavage. The son didn't get particularly smart, just changed his shirt and did his hair. He drove us both to the party which was to be expected. Free drink, boring relatives, talking about work, yadda yadda. I spent a while talking to the son in the kitchen and he spotted that I was wearing my new bra. I reminded him I was old enough to be his mother and you don't ask a lady about her underwear. He flirted with me quite a lot, which too be honest I did find flattering and after a few drinks I found myself flirting back a little.

Around midnight I was ready to go home and the son drove me back to my flat. I invited him in for a coffee, which he accepted, while I started on the wine :) I said he could have some wine too, but he said he had to drive back. I just shrugged my shoulders and asked if he could undo the zip on my dress. He did this, and I shrugged out of it, leaving it on the floor and leaving him to watch me disappear into my bedroom in just my underwear. In my room I slipped on a nightshirt and re-joined him in the living room.

We chatted while he finished his coffee, and I offered him some wine again but he said he had to get back to the party. He was certainly doing a lot of flirting with me earlier, and I know he was too young, but now it was a matter of pride lol "Have a few drinks and sleep over" I suggested. "On the sofa?" I looked coy and said he could sleep anywhere he wanted. He seemed to mull this over and decided to have some wine after all. I poured him a glass and we chatted some more, and now he was back to flirting again. After our second glass, I went to the kitchen to get some more and he followed me in. As I poured his stood behind me and started to kiss my neck. I finished pouring then teased him by asking what he thought he was doing? I turned to face him and he was so close my boobs were pushed against his chest. He leaned in for a full kiss on the mouth, which I returned. He got braver and his hand went to grab at my boob over my nightdress. His hand then moved to between my legs and his fingers pushed against the fabric of my knickers. I pushed my groin against his fingers as our tongues mingled in our mouths.

I broke the kiss off and took his hand from between my legs and placed his wine glass in it. "I'm far too old you for" I teased, returning to the living room. We finished off our drinks, but by now even I was too gagging for it to tease any more, so I suggested we go to bed. It didn't take me long to strip off and get under the covers, giving me time to watch him strip off too. He had a slim, slender body and when his trousers came down I could see through his boxers that his cock was already hard. When his boxers came down I almost gave a gasp, as what sprung out had to be at least 7 inches, maybe even 8. It wasn't thick but it was long. And very hard :)

He got into bed beside me and his hands were all over my boobs and pussy, but I just wanted to sample that cock. I got him on his back and knelt between his legs to take it in hand. I gave it a long slow lick all over the shaft. Gripping it in one hand I sunk my mouth around it. Giving him a slow wet blow job I was easily able to grip the shaft with my full hand which I slowly moved up and down. I didn't want to suck him too long so I took a condom from the drawer and rolled it down his erection. I straddled him on top and sunk the whole way down which a gasp. I hadn't wanted to say anything, but now I couldn't stop himself...I rocked back and forth, pushing my clit against his toned body while his cock was buried inside me; "You have a huge fucking cock" I blurted out. Using him like a dildo I kept rocking back and forward, and sometimes up and down. Using this youngster felt quite wrong, and quite naughty and dirty...but his cock just felt soooo good.

I continued to rock back and forward while he played with my boobs and nipples. I could feel a huge orgasm building. He grabbed my ass and helped push and pull my groin against his pubic area, almost sensing I was on the verge of a huge orgasm, and then I finally did cum, crying out as I did. I collapsed forward onto him and let my pussy pulse and vibrate, my body shaking, cunt grasping at his hard cock even harder.

When the orgasm was over I got on all fours and he got behind me and started on me doggy style. Jesus Christ! That huge cock rammed right into my cervix with every thrust, causing me to yelp out as he eagerly fucked me hard from behind. After a few minutes of pounding it just got too much and we had to stop. We tried with me on my back next...he lifted my legs over his shoulders and once more that monster cock was thumping my cervix, but he shallowed his thrusts, and with some help from my fingers I was cumming again.

After my second orgasm I was done, my poor pussy just couldn't take any more. He wanted to go down on me, but I was far too sensitive. I wanted him to cum though so I was about to just suck him off, when he asked if he could try anal. It was a challenge, but I was up for it so I took some lube from the drawer and lubed us both up. I got on all fours and he tried with just his fingers first. When he was ready to go for it he pushed the head of his cock against my arsehole and it slipped in without much fuss...then in and in and in. He pushed his cock all the way in. He started to fuck me slowly and he was able to get a good stroke without it popping out, before driving it back home. I've never had such a long stroke in my ass before and it felt good...even anal felt good with this guy and we both enjoyed it as he slowly fucked my ass. I started to feel like I was about to explode though, his cock felt the size of a coke bottle. "Fuck that ass" I barked at him, hoping some dirty talk would speed up the process. "Does that feel good?" he replied and I replied, genuinely, "I'm loving it..." He then coupled each thrust with "dirty bitch" and other things and a few more strokes and he was finally cumming.

When he pulled it out I collapsed on my back on the bed. The condom was full of spunk and the end was quite messy. He didn't seem to mind though, and disappeared into the bathroom to take it off. When he got back into bed we started to kiss quite passionately. His hand moved down to my pussy but I had to divert it. I didn't want to think I didn't want it, so I had to explain that my pussy was too sensitive right now because his cock was so big. He smiled at that explanation, so I also told him that was the best fuck I'd had in months.

In the morning I was still tender so I focussed on sucking him off. He was keen and enjoyed the laps of my tongue over his head and my wet lifts around his shaft. It only took a few minutes work before he was cumming in my mouth, and given the night before I half expected his cum to taste like chocolate :) But, alas, it didn't.

I had a call from my mum in the morning wondering if he had stayed at mine. I said that he had crashed on the sofa after a few drinks. I felt pretty guilty! He was still in my bed naked, so after the call we went back to some pretty passionate kissing. I asked if he enjoyed being with an older woman and he said he'd loved it. His hands wondered over my boobs and ass, grabbing and feeling, so I think he appreciated my body also. At least I hoped he did cos I loved his. I told him how hard he had made me cum, how big his cock was, how I loved the anal, but then I realised I was talking like a love-struck teenager!

We got up and dressed and he drove off back to his family and I actually felt a little sad :( I sure hope I see him again. I also stuffed the underwear I had had on into his bag when we wasn't looking lol

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Reed said...

Mmm, cervix. Got a taste for 20-year olds now, do you? No way could I have lasted that long at his age. I hope he knows what a compliment it is when you say he's got a huge fucking cock.