Friday, 7 October 2011

Hot tubbing again

I turned up at my hot-tub friends place with WFB and a fair few people were already there but I didn't really recognise anyone. We mingled a fair bit and had some chats and some drinks and there were some nice guys I had my eye on. Around 11pm we started to get into our costumes and into the tub, or just lounge around the kitchen and various other rooms.

One couple was a slim brunette who had an athletic, black boyfriend. We seemed to all get on fairly well. They asked why we were here and I just said for some fun and flirting and whatever. I said WFB was my boyfriend :) Her and her fellah were married. Around about 1am people started to get a bit naughtier (and drunker) and some boobs and cocks were hanging out. I took my bikini top off when in the tub and WFB slid out of his shorts. The pair of us seemed to get a decent amount of attention, including from my "target" couple!

When they came over to talk to us, the were both in their costumes. I asked them what they were looking for out of the night and she said she was thinking about having a threesome but she wasn't sure. I asked her what she was unsure about and she said she was scared she wouldn't like it. I didn't really understand that, if you like one cock why wouldn't you like two?! lol She was sitting in the tub between myself and fuck buddy and her husband was beside me. I asked him what he thought about it and he said he was well up for it.

I started to stroke his leg, giving it a nice squeeze under the water and it felt very nice indeed. Seeing me, she responded my sliding her own hand up WFB's leg, however she soon went all the way to his cock and started to stroke it. I responded by sliding my own hand over her husband's shorts and felt his cock through the fabric. Oh yes :) It was a good sized cock. I stroked it up and down its length and it became hard as hell. She seemed to have WFB's cock in her fist and she was slowly pumping it.

We agreed to see if we could find a room to continue drinking in, and found one upstairs that we were able to lock. We didn't lock it just yet, but continued to have some wine while we chatted. We were all in our swimwear, and I was wondering if anything was going to happen. So I steered the conversation back toward threesomes, and the wife said she'd like to have two guys. The husband seemed to not mind but I could tell from him face he might have been as keen as she was. He said we'd like to be joined by another girl. I asked her what she'd like to try, but she just said she'd like to try the "usual stuff" and what you see in pornos.

I told her that WFB had a nice cock, nodding at him to get things moving. He slid out of his shorts and I took it in hand, massaging it slowly to an erection. At this point, she came over to take over while her husband watched intently. She slid out of her own suit and started to take WFB's cock into her mouth. She was on her knees bending over, sticking her butt out and wiggled it while she moaned in pleasure. Taking the cue, her husband got out of his shorts and his big, black cock was already standing out proud. Positioning himself behind her, he eased his cock in from behind and started fucking her. I just lay back and watched her get cock in both was such a turn on seeing her suck cock and get fucked too, with two big dicks. I slid out of my own suit and spread my legs to have a play with my clit. The husband seemed to really enjoy that and he watched my finger dance over my swollen cunt, and dip into my pussy.

He screwed his face up and I could tell he was about to cum. She seemed to be able to sense this too and stopped sucking on WFB so she could receive his spunk. He moaned out loud and grabbed her hips, pulling her onto his cock and he came inside her. She lay down on the bed, breathing heavily and lying on her back. Her husband's cock was glistening with her juices and his own cum. Her legs fell open at the knees and her pussy had thick black hair that was all trimmed. I could see cum start to slowly dribble out so I teased it a little with my finger. I coated the tip then moved it up over her clit and gave it a little rub. She jumped a little, but didn't seem to protest so I kept rubbing her clit and she started to sway and grind against me.

My curiosity was building, so I got my head between her legs and started to give her pussy a lick. I started gentle at first, then started licking her all over, inside her lips, her clit...she tasted great so I eagerly kept on licking until she reached orgasm. Her husband had been watching the whole time and he wasn't quite solid hard yet but he motioned for me to get on my back beside his wife, which I did. I lifted my knees and spread wide, ready to take his big black cock. I was so ready for it my pussy was almost aching. I took it easily and he had a nice big grin on his face as he watched his cock pump my blonde cunt.

WFB started to lick and suck on my nipples and it felt great to have attention from two big-cocked men at the same time. The husband had just cum so I wasn't expecting him to cum again, which he didn't, he just pounded me for a few minutes then stopped. He offered his wet cock to my mouth which I licked for him, tasting my own pussy strong on his shaft. WFB and I stayed in the room and hit the sack while the other couple slept elsewhere.

They came into our room again in the morning. He was in just his boxers and she in knickers and a bra. She had a great body, slim with nice pert boobs. She asked WFB if he wanted to go to their room, which he did. I guess it'll be nice for him to shag someone with such a nice body :) Even better, the husband stayed with me, so when the door was closed, he locked it and I lifted off the covers.

The first thing he did was get between my legs...oh my god! The pleasure as he gently tongued me, gently used his fingers too, was immense, but I was gagging to get fucked. I got on all fours and he got behind me and slid that monster cock into my pussy and started pounding me. I couldn't stay on all fours so I grabbed the headboard with my hands while he rammed me right up to my cervix. I cried "yes" with each pounding, my tits swinging madly below me. I was on the verge of orgasm so I urged him to keep fucking me. He kept his rhythm fast and hard and I started to cum myself. I let go of the headboard and buried my face in the pillow. He started to moan and groan himself, which was no bad thing...I couldn't take this for much longer, and not long after me, he came himself.

I collapsed down on the bed with my legs slightly open. My cunt lips were twitching and I could feel his seed dribble out of me and onto the bed. I was too exhausted to do much except lie there. He lay beside me on the bed and we got lay in silence until his wife returned with WFB. We all got dressed and left. I asked WFB what it was like and he said it was great, they did about three or four positions and even some anal. I was slightly impressed with that, as his cock isn't quite anal size. I told him what we had got up to, and it probably didn't sound that impressed compared to his experience, but I don't really care, it was great :)


Reed said...

Nice! One of your best stories ever. They apparently liked how you kept things moving along. I like how he fucked you with his wife right there. And I'm glad it turned out that you enjoyed eating her pussy.

plantpage said...

very fucking hot