Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Driving again

For my next lesson I wore a tight t-shirt with no bra, and another short skirt with a pink thong. His eyes were practically popping out of his head as I got into the car. We did the usual lesson for the first half, and then I was instructed to drive somewhere quite isolated.

He was a bit braver this time and touched my leg first, dragging his hand up my thigh and under my skirt, riding it up to expose my pink panties. He slid his fingers inside to rub at my pussy while he undid his pants and took his cock out with the other hand. I undid my belt and he yanked my knickers down so I lifted my bum up and slid out of them. He lifted them to his face and sniffed at them!! Um, ok :) Whatever turns you on I guess. While he sniffed away I got my head in his lap and sucked him off. He moaned loudly all the way through and again was filling my mouth with cum in double quick time.

I let him keep the knickers and we did the rest of the lesson as normal.


William said...

Rachael, I love reading your blog at work and rubbing my hard cock under my desk. I smile at all the office ladies as they pass. If they only knew how badly reading your blog is making me want to fuck them. I need a work fuck-buddy. I love you and your blog.

Rachael said...

You read this at work? lol Though I'm a bit annoyed you're thinking of other women and not thinking what it would be like to have me under your desk, slowly teasing and working on your cock. Making you want to scream out that you want to fuck my mouth but having to keep quiet. And then when you do finaly cum...gripping the desk hard, trying not to shake as you feel your cock pump and pump again, filling my mouth with your warm cum, knowing I'll gulp it all down.

William said...

Yes, yes, yes, I just fantasized about having you underneath my desk stroking and sucking on my hard cock! I imagined my hard shaft rubbing against your pretty face as you ran your tongue down and lapped and sucked on my swollen balls. I dreamed of placing my hand firmly on the back of your head so I can thrust my hard cock against your face as I shoot warm cum all over you. Reading your reply to my comment made me rock hard instantly and I just had to do it; I had to come for you. Just so I could tell you about it. Thank you Rachael; for your sexy words and hot blog. You make my work day exciting.