Sunday, 10 April 2011

New boy

A new guy started at work yesterday and I was tasked with showing him the ropes. He was early 20s, a bit geeky looking but ok to talk to. I was showing him all the back-of-house stuff and I was flirting with him a little but not sure how much of it was landing. My existing work fuck buddy wasn't in so I took full advantage ;) He gave me a ride home and I said that as we were on the same time today he could pick me up in the morning. I gave him a time about half an hour earlier than needed, but he didn't question it.

When he came around this morning I got out of bed, still in my pjs, and showed him through to the living room. I told him I was going to jump into the shower, then disappeared off to get out of my pjs and into a towel that I wrapped around my middle. I went back into the living room and said "Ok, I'm just off for a shower, won't be long...unless...." I paused and he said, "What?" I let my towel slightly drop to reveal some cleavage. "Do you like big boobs?" I asked. He nodded and my town dropped slightly more, letting my bare breasts hang out. "You can have a feel if you want" I told him. He got off the sofa and came over to do so. He grinned as he played with them and felt them, making my nipples stick out by rubbing his thumb over them. As he went in for a suck on them I dropped my towel to rub the back of his head, encouraging him.

As he sucked and licked my nipple his hand drifted down to my crotch and I widened my stance to give him access. He finger found my slit and curved up and inside me. We didn't have long and I was eager to see his young cock and if it was hard for me. I grasped at his fly and pulled his pants down, then he took down his own boxers and his cock sprang forward. Quite average in size and thickness, but within moments I was on my knees taking it in my mouth. I slurped and gobbled and yummed his cock as he groaned and thrust it into my mouth. I held his bum cheeks tight as he fucked my face, wondering if he was going to blow his load there and then.

He didn't though, and tapped my head for me to stop. I grabbed him toward the bedroom and opened a drawer to give him a johnny. I got on the bed on all fours and he guided his cock into my pussy and started to fuck it with all the vigour that he fucked my face. His hands ran up my back and hooked over my shoulders, giving him more purchase for harder and deeper thrusts and I eventually heard his orgasm as he filled the condom with fresh, hot jizz.

Time was pushing on so I jumped straight into the shower and finished myself off (hey, a girl has to start the day right ;) ) then went back to the bedroom. He was all straightened up and watched me dress also then took me to work.

Now, do I dare and keep both of them on the go? Lol A fresh fuck is always nice but WFB has the much nicer cock so if I had to keep one I'd keep him. Threesomes on tap...a girl can dream!

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William said...

I want to show you how fucking hard your stories make my cock every time. You are the sexiest & most fun woman; I just know it! I must read your blog and jack off at least twice a day. Awwww ... yea!