Thursday, 12 May 2011

Tarty bum fun

I wore something very very tarty for my driving lesson...white tshirt and white pants with a red thong and bra set that is fairly visible under it. When he came to pick me up and fussed around a bit and looked for various things before leaving so he could get a good view at what I was wearing.

After the lesson we ended up back at my place and I told him to get the money from the top drawer in my bedroom while I went to the kitchen. Of course I know what I keep in that drawer :) so I wasn't surprised to find him still in there after a while. I gave him some minutes then went into the bedroom and found him looking at my various dildos. "Find anything you like?" I asked him, taking a bit by surprise. "Yeah a few things..." he replied. "What to use any before you go?" "Maybe..." he said, a bit timid. "You can use anything you want, I don't mind" as I started to undo my pants and slip them down. I got on the bed and he took out the double dildo, still looking a little nervous. "If you want to use both of those then there's some lube in there too" I told him as nonchalantly as I could. "Just lube up the one that goes in my arse" I added.

He did as instructed and lubed up the smaller of the cocks, then slid my knickers off. I spread my legs and he gently offered the bigger of the cocks to my pussy and nudged it inside an inch or so, with the smaller of the cocks nuzzling my asshole. "Do you like anal?" he asked, gaining confidence. "No, I don't mind dildos but I don't let guys fuck me there" I said, fearing my nose was growing by the minute. Getting deeper and deeper with his probing I gave out a sharp breath as the lower one finally penetrated my butt. Once in he slid it all the way and held it there for a few moments. I started to rub at my clit as he slid the dildos in and out my holes. I was sure I was going to cum so I told him to keep that rhythm while I frigged myself.

"Keep going, I think I'm going to cum" I announced, my breathing getting quicker and shallower, "a bit faster now..." He complied and worked both my holes until my fingers eventually did the job and I was cumming hard and loud. When my body had stopped convulsing and shaking he withdrew the dildo and loosened his hard cock from his pants. "Thanks...but I'm done now" I said, cruelly teasing him while I recovered on the bed. I wasn't very fair as he did give me a great orgasm (even if I was doing most of the work). "Slip a condom on" I said, getting onto all fours. He did this and got behind me and his cock slid right inside me and I told him, "No...wrong hole..." Quick as a flash his cock was now pushing into my still-messy asshole. It actually felt good but he only lasted about 5 or so pumps and the johnny was taking his load.

I went to the bathroom to clean myself up a bit before putting my knickers and pants back on. He was waiting, money in hand (cheeky bugger lol) and we booked another lesson too.

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Reed said...

Finally! I was beginning to think he worked for blowjobs. Nice one.