Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Some nice action

"M" came into the bathroom today when I was having a shower. He didn't need a piss or anything, we just had a natter while he brushed his teeth and did his hair. I caught him looking at my body a few times but I don't know if he's just curious. I semi-jokingly asked if he'd scrub my back. He laughed but declined.

My work had a few drinks at a nearby pub when the shop shut. I got talking to one certain guy who could hardly take his eyes off my body. A few drinks more and he could barely keep his hands off my body. He asked if my boobs were real and if he could feel them (I said "yes" to both). We slipped away and went back to his.

I pretty much jumped on him when we got back to his. I pulled his pants down and YES!!! At last a nice, big, thick cock and it was already hard. I immediately took it in my mouth and started sucking him off, looking up to make lots of eye contact as I licked and sucked on his knob. He didn't cum, but sat me down on the floor and stripped me naked. He went down on me for a while but I didn't cum. He slipped on a condom and fucked me missionary, pushing his public bone against my clit as he fucked me, lingering when it was all the way in and soon I was having an orgasm. He continued to fuck me, his cock nicely filling up my pussy.

In the morning he went down on me until I came then we had another fuck. We did it doggy style this time, me kneeling on the bed and grabbing at headboard as he rammed me hard from behind. I hope his neighbours didn't hear as I was pretty vocal, I love getting it from behind, esp when the cock is a good size. Rather than cum inside me he pulled out and whipped the condom off and sprayed all over my back, running his cock up and down my ass crack.

He had to go to work but I wasn't rostered so I stayed at his for a bit and showered. I decided I'd have to quit my job cos I couldn't work with someone I had fucked. "B" sent me a text message asking if he could meet me but I didn't respond.

I dropped by to visit my new fuck buddy at work and talked to him about probably handing in my notice. He said not to and that it was cool, we were both adults who just had a bit of fun. He kinda talked me around, but I also wondered who else he had fucked at work but I didn't ask.

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