Thursday, 1 January 2009


"M" and "J" returned today so it's back to a full house. I asked "A" not to mention the shaved bush to them but he just couldn't help himself. "M" and "J" aren't as perverted as "A" but they still offered to shave me any time I wanted it, but I won't be taking them up on it. "M" also did the "shower trick" today. I sometimes think the four of us should just have a gang fuck to get it out of our systems. I've never done anything sexual with "M" or "J" but I probably would if the opportunity arose. I'd love to live in a house when I can get fucked any time I want. I've seen the kind of girls they pull, though, and I just don't think I'm their type (ie I'm fat).

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Anonymous said...

oh for gawd's sake just do it already!