Monday, 5 January 2009

Going black

Went to Bliss which is a club that Prince Harry goes to when he is local, but he wasn't there tonight. It's a packed club which I don't like. I was there with "A" and "M" but I didn't spend much time with them. I had a boogy on the dance floor and got chatted up by a black guy. He wasn't shy and didn't mind moving his hand up and down my back and groping my ass. I didn't really mind either. His "chat up" technique was a bit naff though, but he couldn't take his eyes off my tits. We nipped outside and there is a church nearby so we had a sit around back where it's quiet. We started snogging and he reached inside my dress and pulled my tit out to have a grope. I don't really fancy black guys, but I won't deny I was "curious" :) As we snogged his hand went up my skirt and between my legs and he pulled down my knickers and started to play with my pussy. He wasn't very good though but I didn't mind, and moved my hand to his crotch and his cock was already hard. I was a bit disappointed to see it wasn't 14" and thick as a coke can :) but it was still quite big and thick. I undid his jeans and popped it out. Now I'm not being funny here, but I slipped a condom on and it would barely fit! So he pulled out some extra big ones and slipped one on.

I hopped on board facing him and it took a few goes to get it fully inside me…but oh my god! His cock felt fantastic. I know they say size doesn't matter, but they obviously haven't been stuffed to bursting with hard cock. It was a great fuck and left me quite breathless.


phallatio said...

I can't really complain. Life is good. But I wish I had a larger penis. Actually, show me a man who doesn't!

Rachael said...

You certainly have nothing to complain about, you have a gorgeous cock :)

enema_bag_red said...

You should have done it bareback that way you would have his black baby

Rachael said...

Even if I was taking his cum bare-back I'm on the pill so still no babies for me!

Trust me, I'd love to have more bare-back sex, it's the great thing about being in a relationship.