Saturday, 17 January 2009

Something different

"B" hasn't replied to my text or had any communication with me at all. I was feeling horny this morning so I used both dildos at once before going to work. I hoped "B" wouldn't come to my work and he didn't. I hope he never comes around my work again or else I'll have to switch jobs.

Went out for a quick pint at the Pig and Whistle and went back with some guy I met while playing pool. He was a bit fat (like me) but also had quite a small cock. Back at him he was quite keen on going down on me which was cool. He was pretty good at it too and seemed to really enjoy eating pussy (maybe he was imagining it was pizza :) ). Even after making me cum he still wanted to stay down there, kissing all around and fingering me still. I even lay on my front and he rubbed my pussy between my legs while licking my ass which was new on me!

He made me orgasm twice all in so I returned the favour and went down on him. His cock was already hard and I didn't have any issue getting it in my mouth so I just moved my lips from the tip of the cock all the way down the shaft. I was only at it for about a minute and soon he was cumming like he'd been storing it up all year! Seeing as he was quite dirty with the rimming I gave a little back by swallowing most of his cum but let some dribble back onto his cock which I then cleaned up with my tongue.

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