Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Some action at last

"A" "M" and "J" are all out so I sent a text message to "B" saying he could come over if he wanted. He did come over and we finally went all the way. He seems quite prudish but was actually quite wild between the sheets. He gladly fucked every hole without question, however he is another "head grabber" which irritates me. He had no qualms about licking pussy either (even right after fucking me) and we fucked in many positions. We fucked so much that I actually ran out of condoms so 69d for a while. He even didn't mind kissing me after he'd shot in my mouth.

We went out for a drink after and the guys were in when we got back so I introduced him around then went to my room where I sat him down on the bed and whipped his cock out of his flies. Some hand action got him pretty hard so I started to work on it with my tongue and lips. He's really appreciative when it comes to receiving oral and compliments me on my skills, however I enjoy sucking cock anyway. I made it quite a slow, sexy blowjob...lots of kissing and licking between bouts of slow and steady sucking. Slow or quick the end result is always the same and before long my mouth was filling with cum again. After that he suggested we could fuck anyway despite not having condoms but I declined.

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