Thursday, 1 January 2009

Last night I went to a local club called "Bumbles". It's one of those crap clubs that play rubbish cheesy music but the blokes are always hammered and it's better than sitting at home. I managed to pull quite a fit lad though, maybe he was a "chubby chaser". We went back to his place and got pretty dirty. Too dirty. He loved licking pussy which was fantastic…he made me cum twice before his cock ever entered my body. I love giving oral too so we 69d and I blew him, lapping up every drop. We were at it for at least 40 minutes and we hadn't even fucked yet. It was great sex though and I found myself letting him do anything he wanted. When he was going down on me he slipped a finger up my ass. Normally I'd be annoyed he didn't ask, but I was so horny I just went with it, and it was the first time I'd had an orgasm that way and I could really feel my sphincter grip his finger as his tongue brought me to another orgasm.

He had shaved his cock totally bare and while his cock wasn't very thin it was quite long, and when he was fucking me from behind I heard myself asking him if he'd like to fuck my ass. I'd used my dildo on myself a few times when horny so wanted to see what the real thing was like. He went nice and slow, but still quite deep. It wasn't like the hard fucking you see in porno movies, but I was glad of that. As I felt his balls it against my pussy I thought "omg, I'm doing it!" He ass fucked me until he came and it was an incredible experience. I'll be honest and say that I feel a bit slutty for doing it on a one night stand, but I'm glad I got it out the way and that I actually quite enjoyed it.

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