Saturday, 10 January 2009

Day of fun

Didn't have to go into work til a bit later today so I had a lie in with some toys. I had a check to make sure everyone else had gone to work then started in the shower…I had a nice play with the shower head against my clit. Then moved to the living room and just sat there naked, legs up on the chair fucking myself with a dildo while watching some porn; just whatever was lying around.

Pretty shagged out I went back to my room and lubed up a dildo and started to work it into my ass and held it in deep while I fingered my clit to orgasm. By now I was feeling pretty horny so I looked around the flat for some things to improvise with. I couldn't really find anything that good or original so I had a squat on an old wine bottle for one final orgasm.

I went to work with no knickers on which usually keeps me horny through the day. Unfortunately the toilets at work aren't conducive to having a play through the day, so when I got back from work I just hit my room and pounded my pussy some more. Some days I just feel sooooo horny. I defo need a man and some regular sex.

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