Thursday, 27 May 2010

In need

Today I found my knickers in the hallway so neighbour must have returned them (clean :) ). On my way out I thought I'd thank him (I *had* just bought them after all!) so I knocked on his door and was invited in but a woman was there who I learned was his ex-wife. I got myself a drink in the kitchen until they were done which wasn't long. They seemed amiable enough, and back in the living room I thanked him for returning my undies. He said it was his pleasure and he had made them even messier after I'd dropped them off. His ex-wife was only seconds out the door and this is how he was talking! Lol.

I didn't bother asking what they were talking about but they didn't look like they'd just been romping. I told him I couldn't stay as I was on my way out but that I just wanted to drop by quickly. He said he was planning a party soon so would I come and I said I would. I gave him a peck on the cheek as a way of goodbye and he gave my arse a squeeze as I leaned in. I had to get off to work though so had to run.

At work I was feeling a little horny and annoyed that I'd maybe missed out on a pre-work stress reliever, and WFB wasn't working so I called him to meet at lunch. We met at my place but I started on my toys when I got home and by the time he'd turned up I was actually satisfied lol. I felt a bit bad but he didn't seem to be expecting anything anyway so that was cool, we just ate and I returned to work.

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Naughty Nikki said...

Glad you got your panties back clean ... sorry you missed your "yummy" form of lunch ... happy you were satisfied ... Cute post!