Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Second go

Bit of a turn up really, I went to my local last night and the guy ("P") from the night before was there. We had a chat and went to the beer garden out back and I told him he was bad because he made me resort to my plastic friend. Of course I didn't tell him that I had a little more than a plastic friend to finish me off :) He said he was up for a repeat performance if I fancied…but you have to keep them keen ;) so I told him I'll send him a text when I get back in later on.

I went to a few more bars with my mates and P and I had some texts through the night, mainly him saying he was looking forward to later on, me saying I can't wait to suck his cock, things like that. When I was done with my friends I sent him a text to see if he was in town, and he came to meet me. It was about 11pm so we met at the town square and I took him some place quite secluded at the back of a nearby church. You sometimes had homeless people there but it seemed quite deserted so we started to have a snog and my hands moved down to unzip his jeans and I rummage in his underwear and pulled out his cock. Getting on my knees I licked the head and shaft all over until it went from semi-erect to raging hard. I started going right down on him, taking his cock deep in my mouth, keeping a steady but fast rhythm that he seemed to enjoy. He held onto the back of my head, then started pushing on my head and I knew he was close to cumming. I didn't break my pace until he was filling my mouth with his cum.

He zipped up and we walked back to my place and stopped for another drink on the way there. Finally back at mine we headed for the bedroom and we both got naked and I lay on my back, inviting him to bring me off. Pushing my legs apart he eagerly started licking me out and it was my turn to push his head into me, letting him know when I wanted it harder and faster or softer and slower. I was really close to orgasm and had to use my fingers a bit to finish the job but it was still a great bit of head.

Staying on my back he slipped on a rubber and slid his cock into me, pushing my legs apart giving me easy access to my clit while he slid in and out, remaining upright himself. His cock was only dipping in a few inches but with my fingers working my clit at the same time I was sure I could make myself cum again, and a few minutes later I was doing just that, pushing against his cock to get it deeper inside me while waves and spasms rocked my body. When my orgasm had passed he took his cock out and whipped off the rubber, gave a few jerks and came himself with just a few drops of cum falling onto my pussy.

He didn't stay the night which was ok with me as I had work anyway.

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