Thursday, 20 May 2010

New kid on the block

A new guy has moved into my building and I was helping him move some of his things in. He is probably mid-40s and has recently split from his wife, thus the move. He hasn't moved far though and doesn't know if he'll stay in the area. When we were moving his stuff he had a few wank mags and some smutty dvds, but nothing too extreme. I kinda pretended not to notice and he didn't seem overly embarrassed that I now knew he was fond of teen sluts :) Maybe he was hoping I hadn't noticed either.

I told him about the good pubs and whatnot in the area, and told him where the sex shops were lol, so I guess he did know I knew his dirty little secret! He invited me back in the evening once he'd settled in a bit more so I took some wine with me and we drank a bottle or two. He was quite sweet and not ugly and in decent shape for his age, and I noticed him edging closer to me on the sofa and there were some "accidental" brushes when we were filling our glasses.

I felt a bit sorry for him really but didn't want to give him the wrong impression so didn't do anything, but I might throw him a pity fuck if I ever find myself horny and lonely :)

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