Sunday, 23 May 2010

What neighbours are for

I treated myself to some new undies and bras today so was feeling quite daring and sexy and I bumped into the new guy who is now settling in well. He saw me carrying an Ann Summers and asked if I'd been shopping so I told him I just picked up a few bits and pieces. He said he'd bought some new wines and said he'd like it if I could pop in later to sample them, so I said I would.

I had a shower then tried on some of my new underwear, a nice lacy pink bra and thong, and headed down to the new guy to sample some wine. It turns out he's a bit of a wine buff, and while the wine was nice I have to admit I'm too uncouth to really know the difference between a fine wine and a rubbish wine…it's pretty much all the same to me. But I let him wax on about the differences and the grapes etc as I listened.

Now I don't know about wine, but I know what booze and sexy underwear does to a girl :) I also had on a loose pink top and my jeans, so I pulled the shoulder of my top down a bit to expose my strap and the top of my bra and told him it was one that I'd bought earlier. He seemed interested and hesitantly asked what else I'd bought. I stood up and pulled my jeans down a bit, exposing the waist band of my thong which I hooked with my finger and pulled out before sitting back down. I asked him if he was a boxers man or a briefs man and he responded by pulling the top of his boxers over his jeans.

I asked if he fancied putting on a movie so he said he didn't have a lot but I could look through them if I wanted. With a saucy smile I suggested one of the ones I saw when he was moving in… So he went to the bedroom and came back with a DVD which he popped into the player. I told him to fast forward to a good bit, and when he sat down I leant over his lap and undid his jeans and pulled out his cock which was hard and thick but average in length. Holding it in my hand I licked the top like a lolly while we both watched the movie. It was standard porn stuff really and I constantly lapped and kissed his willy while slowly wanking it and groping his balls. He didn't make any noises but I could feel his hips wiggle under me and I could tell he was fighting back an orgasm. I gave long, slow licks of his shaft, all the way from the base to his head and moaned as my mouth reached the top and sunk down on his cock, the head rubbing on the flat of my tongue as it went in. holding the cock in my mouth I jerked the base with my fingers and cupped his balls, then started slowly moving my up and down a bit to coax him on and he couldn't hold back any more and barely made a sound as jets of cum filled my mouth.

He asked if he could go down on me so I told him of course he could! I wriggled my jeans down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I sat down and he lifted my legs up and slid my panties off. Resting my legs back down I opened them, exposing my pussy to his obvious delight. "That looks delicious" he said as his fingers slowly rubbed around my exposed clit. Getting his head in my crotch he kissed my lips and wriggled his tongue inside my slit as his finger buried inside me. I could feel I was already wet and his fingers slurped in and out of me as I pushed my pussy against his lapping tongue. On the DVD a girl was sucking down on a big cock, so I took the remote and fast-forwarded to her getting fucked from behind then let it play as my pussy was getting worked on. Watching the movie really helped and I let my orgasm build and then flood out in large bodily spasms.

I slid my panties back up and over my pussy then put my jeans on as he tucked his cock away and also did himself up. I really had to change so I finished up my wine then told him I'd need to leave but I'd pop in and see him again! I went back to mine and slid out of my knickers which were pretty wet and put on a fresh pair. The crotch was pretty badly soaked so I popped them in an envelope with a note thanking him for the orgasm and put it through his letterbox :)

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