Sunday, 2 July 2017

It's a man's job

One of my girlfriends was moving out of her ex's place after they split up, and I'm a kind of mutual friend, but more importantly I don't live too far from him so she tasked me to pick up some of her possessions.  I'd met him a few times, I'm not particularly close to either of them (they're both a few years older than me) but I agreed to do it anyway.
I went around at the allotted time and he told me most of her stuff was in bags in the loft conversion.  He brought the ladder down , if was one of those steep ones, and said to just look around and help myself, it should all be in bags.  "Ok, are you going to go up there?" I asked him but he said I'd better do it myself.  So I asked if he was going to put the kettle on or something and he said he didn't realise I was staying for a brew.  So I had to just be straight-forward and come right out with it :)  I pulled at the hem of the shortish, frilly white summer skirt I was wearing and told him "It's just that I'm not wearing any knickers, so if I'm going to go up that ladder I'd rather you weren't here".  He seem quite flustered at that, poor soul, and said that he'd go put the kettle on and to come get him when I was done.
I darted up the ladder and things were much as he'd said, all in bin bags so I opened them to make sure they looked like they were her things and tossed them down.  When I was finished I went looking for him and found him in the kitchen.  "All done?" he asked, "yeah thanks" I said.  He raised a coffee mug by way of asking if I wanted one but I said I'd better not.  "Sorry about before", he added, seeming less flustered now, "I didn't know you were the commando type".  "I'm not the commando type at all, but in a skirt like this sometimes it's better not to", at which he nodded before adding "VPL?".  I laughed and told him I was here to get the bags, not to discuss my underwear which got him a little red faced again.
I loaded the bags into my car and took them back to my place.  A few days later he sent me a text saying there were two more bags but that he'd drop them around and when would I be in.  I told him he could drop them off at the weekend, which he did on the Saturday afternoon.  I invited him and took him to the spare room to put the bags with the rest of them.  "Time for a cuppa?" I asked, and he agreed.  Whilst making it in the kitchen he apologised again for the other day; "You must think I'm a pervert" he said, "No, I just think you're a man!" His eyes darted downward for a few moments, making me somewhat conscious of the fact that I was in a skirt again.  "Luckily I don't need to claim any ladders today", to which he replied "Shame" with a smile and sipped his coffee.  "You and Amanda have just split up, I'm sure you're not interested in that, or at least you shouldn't be, not with me anyway" I half scolded and half teased.  Truth of the matter was that Amanda was pretty much the opposite of me, she was dark and slim with a fairly pert body despite being older.
"I have a deal", I finally announced, "The back lawn needs mowing which is clearly a man job, so if you do it for me I'll let you find out something I think you're dying to know."  "Ok" he enthusiastically replied and I showed him to the lawn mower.
It took about half an hour and when he was done he was pretty sweaty so I let him shower off and clean himself up.  I led him to the bedroom and told him to lie on the bed.  "What is it I'm going to find out?" he asked.  I straddled him on the bed and shuffled up the bed on my knees until I was over his head, him staring up at my crotch.  "Am I wearing knickers?" I asked.  "Black thong..." he reported.  I stayed when I was, and gaining courage he ran his hands up the back to my legs to then squeeze my bum.  I gyrated my hips and he moved his hand to the front to pull my knickers aside.  He raised his head up to access to my pussy which he slowly licked and kissed.  "You were only meant to look...." I said while stifling a had been a while and this was rather nice so I didn't want it to stop.  I pushed down on him and rubbed my pussy against his outstretched tongue as it flicked my clit and explored my lips.  I started to pant and gasp as he brought me quickly to legs hugged the side of his head tightly as I came.
I collapsed on my back and he got on his knees, undid his trousers, lifted and separated my knees, pulled my knickers aside and within moments his cock was inside me, long slow strokes burrowing his whole shaft balls deep.  He only lasted five or six strokes before he pulled out, pointed his cock at my belly and shot his cum over me in three or four jets.  It couldn't have been more than 5 minutes and we'd both cum.
We lay on the bed and I re-iterated that he was only supposed to look, but that I didn't mind, however he wasn't  to say anything to Amanda which he agreed to.  "My turn for a shower now" I said as I took myself off to the bathroom.  When I was done he was all dressed and left soon after.
A few days later I got a text from him;
"Need any more jobs done? ;)"
"No I'm back to doing those job by myself now :p"
"Shame, it was fun"
I didn't reply, but he then sent
"It was more of a quickie though, I'd love to do something proper :)"
"You're my friend's ex, so no!"
"You seemed to enjoy it...."
"I did, but I hadn't had any action for months!"
"Neither had I!"
I didn't reply right away, but I thought about it and the next morning I texted him;
"Just once though....and I swear that's all!"
"Now? :)"
"No, come around about 7".
So I got showered, gave my bush a nice trim, and come 7pm the doorbell went.  I wasn't wearing underwear, just a white shirt and jeans.  I invited him in and he had two bottles of wine so I took him through to the kitchen and proceeded to open a bottle.
"Wine?  Thought maybe you'd what a wham-bam-thankyou-maam?"
"Not at all." he replied, but I could see him unashamedly eyeing up my boobs under my tshirt.
I poured us both a drink and sat at the kitchen table;
"Show us your cock then" I smiled.
He seemed a little shocked :) but as I sipped my wine he obediently took his trousers off and pulled off his boxers.  It was ok, fairly average, fully shaven.  I motioned him to stand beside me and I took his flaccid cock in my hand and started to slowly work my hand up and down it.
"Do you liked a fully shaved pussy?"  I asked.  "I don't mind as long as it's neat" he said, his cock starting to grow harder and harder.  "You wearing a bra?" he asked.  I shook my head, "No knickers either" I added.  I started to kiss the tip of his cock, and lick the shaft.  "You like getting your cock sucked?" I teased.  "Oh yeah."  With that I sank my mouth slowly down his cock, then slowly up again, repeating this three or four times.  "That good?" "Amazing" he replied.  "Come on...." I said and led him to the bedroom.
He undressed and lay on the bed, and I also undressed.  I attacked his rigid cock with a few more deep strokes of my mouth, then got a condom from the drawer and rolled it down him.  I got on top, guiding his cock into my pussy, then started riding him...pushing down and rubbing my clit against him.  I leaned forward and he grabbed my boobs and help them to his mouth and licked and kissed my nipples.  He didn't move his hips, instead letting me do the work and find my own rhythm.  Feeling like I was using his cock for my own pleasure and focussing only on myself was such a turn on.  "You're going to make me cum" I offered by way of encouragement to keep going, pushing my clit down on him, then feeling his tongue on my nipples on the upstroke.  We'd only been going a few minutes by my breath was already getting heavy, and sensing I was on the verge of cumming he started to breath heavy too until I finally reached orgasm with his cock buried deep inside me.
I only had a few moments to catch my breath before I was being manoeuvred onto all fours where he proceeded to fuck me hard from behind, lasting only seconds before slowing his pace and then pulling out, "I don't want to cum yet" he said, lying down on his back and I could see his cock twitching, around it a condom streaked with my pussy juices.  I took the condom off and chucked it on the bedside table.  I got on my knees between his legs and took his cock into my mouth, slowly working on it with my lips and tongue.  He started to pant and groan loudly so I continued and within moments he was cumming in my mouth.
Having swallowed it all I lay on my back and he returned the favour; getting between my legs he opened them wide, exposing my pussy and clit.  He manoeuvred a finger inside me and finger fucked up until he found a pace I liked and then started to lick my clit too.  I "oohed" and "ahhed" to let him know exactly what I liked.  "Keep going...." I whispered, thoroughly enjoying the attention.  My own moans got louder, and sensing I was close to cumming also he slipped a finger up my arsehole while his tongue continued to lap at my clit and his other finger sliding in and out of my pussy.  "I'm cumming...." I cried out and promptly did, my body shaking and twitching until I was finished.
We rested for a bit then got dressed and went to the living room to finish off the wine.  "Was that better?" I asked.  "Much" he smiled back, raising his glass, "I could probably go again in a while though."  It was fairly late and we chatted for a while until the wine was all gone, it was about 1am I think.  "You want to call a taxi?" I asked.  "Sure", and he took his wallet out, opened it and took out a wrapped condom.  "For the road?" he asked with a smile.  "Go on then" I laughed.  I took my jeans and knickers down and sat on the sofa, legs spread.  He pulled his jeans down a little, put the condom on and knelt in front of me, sliding his cock right inside me.  I reached back to hold the sofa's head rest and he grabbed at my boobs over my t-shirt while fucking me with a medium pace.  He moved his hand down to gently rub my clit, I closed my eyes and just concentrated on enjoying the experience.  We fucked in silence, but after a while he started to go soft so we stopped.  "You're not a young man that can fuck all night anymore" I teased him, "but don't feel too bad, you got a lot of pussy tonight."

He got on his phone and ordered a taxi while I got myself presentable, then saw him out.  I have a feeling it won't be last I hear from him!

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Reed said...

"Just once though." That's strangely cute. Poor guy. Probably for the best, though.