Thursday, 6 July 2017

It's a man's job pt 2

So I got a text message from Amanda's ex, not too surprised about that;
AX: Forgot to ask, did you like the finger up the butt? :)
Me: I came didn't I? :)
AX: Yeah you sure did :)
AX: You like more than just a finger?
Me: I have been known to take more than just a finger from time to time
AX: Cool, maybe next time....? :)
Me: lol you know there can't be a next time
AX: Ok that's fine, can't blame a guy for trying :)
A few hours later I then got a text asking if I wanted to get some lunch on Saturday.  I agreed, maybe it'll finally get it through to him that he won't be getting anything.  If he does bring it up then maybe I can tease him a little too :)

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