Sunday, 6 November 2016

Train quickie

I was coming back on the train with my friend and we were in a section of four seats where the seats face each other.  It was fairly busy and across from us was a youngish black guy who had nodded off.  My friend digged me with her elbow and indicated toward him.  I looked for a few seconds before I could see what she was trying to point looked like he had an erection.  A nice erection too.  "Should we take a picture?" I asked but my friend just said I was terrible.
It was her stop so she got up to get off which woke the guy up.  He looked around a bit and we caught eyes and I smiled.  "Nice dream?" I asked.  "Sorry?" he replied.  "You looked a little excited when you were sleeping" I said, nodding down to his crotch, "What to borrow my paper?" I smiled.  He looked down and smiled back, "Sorry about that, it's on its way down thanks", and he grabbed it and rearranged a little.  "Any better?" he asked.  "Why don't you just go to the toilet know."  "I dunno, I might."  I urged him on so he got up to go to the toilet.  It was one of those trains where the toilet is in an area at the back in its own section by the bikes so it was fairly private.  A few steps up the aisle he looked back at me and pointed toward where the toilets were as if to ask if I was coming.  It looked like he was joking but I went anyway lol.
There was no-one in that section of the train so we both went in, and I put the toilet lid down and sat on it and he faced me and quickly took his trousers and boxers down to his knees, his black cock staring me in the face.  He was fully shaven and looked circumcised too.  It was fairly average in size but had a bit of a bend to it.  "What's your name, by the way?" I asked.  "Jake, yours?".  "Hi Jake I'm Rachael" I said back then gripped his cock in my hand.  "I'm going to bust a nut any second" he said, sounding somewhat rushed.  I held my fingers to my lips to shoosh him, then ran my lips over the head of his cock, then back to the tip.  Then I ran my lips down a bit further and withdrew, doing that slowly and gently until I couldn't go down any deeper.  He gripped the sides of the toilet and moved his hips with the rhythm of my mouth.  I reached up to feel his balls in my hand.  He was tensing them quite badly and suddenly his cum erupted into my mouth as he exhaled deeply.
When he was finished cumming he slid his cock out of my mouth and pulled his jeans back up.  "You're good at that" he complimented me, "sorry I didn't last".  We fixed ourselves up went and sat back down and I was feeling so horny, looking around a people thinking I'd just sucked someone off.  He gave me his number and said we should "hook up" sometime.  Not sure if he meant it but I'll keep it in mind.
When I got back home I went straight to the bedroom and used my vibrator.  My knickers were in such a state!

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Reed said...

Oh nice! I was out at my old blog just now and the sidebar said you had a new(ish) post which I hadn't seen it say for years. It's great to see you're still doing your insatiable thing here. I've always found it strange how the straightforward way you tell your stories (and evaluate guys' cocks) is part of what makes me horny. Now I can't wait for River to get home.