Sunday, 29 May 2016

New lodger pt 2

About a week later he came back from a visit home and I asked him how things were going with his wife and he said so-so, he was still seeing her a few times a week.  "Do you guys still....?" I asked.  He went red which pretty much gave me my answer.  "Have you had sex with us both on the same day?" I followed up, but he denied that they were sleeping together but I bet they were.  "Tell me" I teased, "I don't mind.  Is she as good as me?"  "We don't have sex" was his emphatic response.  I got close and started to stroke his crotch, "Am I your slut on the side?" I asked, feeling him get hard, "Do you think about me when you fuck her?".  We kissed passionately as he felt my tits, "What position does she like?" I asked again, not letting it drop :)  He unzipped himself and took out his cock.

I got down on my haunches and took his cock in my mouth and it tasted like rubber.  "You wear condoms with her?" I asked.  I took a few more sucks of his cock then stopped, standing back up.  "You fucked her this morning, didn't you?" I interrogated while going in for a passionate kiss.  I stroked his cock while we kissed, his hands all over my body, squeezing my tits and bum.  He started to twitch and jerk and pushed his cock against me while some spunk dribbled out as he orgasmed.

That weekend I was having a Saturday morning lie-in and could hear him walking about to the bathroom so I called him into my bedroom.  I was naked but under the duvet, I asked if he was seeing his wife this weekend but he said he wasn't.  As a bit of chit chat I asked what he was planning to do instead and he said he didn't know, and I could see him mentally removing the duvet.  I put my hands behind my head and said I didn't know what I was going to do either, was just enjoying a lie in.  He was standing by my bed and we fell into a silence.  Eventually he moved his hand toward the duvet and seemed to stroke it.  "Ok" he said, and with a gentle pull the duvet lowered enough to expose part of my nipple.  He pulled it down some more to expose my boobs completely.  "Just having a lie in?" he asked, to which I replied "Yeah, I'll see what I feel like doing later".  He started to grope my breasts, teasing my nipples to an erect state, pinching them between his fingers.  He pulled the duvet away to completely expose my whole body, and his hands ran down my belly and his fingers toyed with my bush.  His finger pushed on and went inside my lips to find my clit, and he slowly ran his finger up and down it and I couldn't help but react, writhing with his touch.  "You like that?" he asked.  "Can't you tell?".

He took a johnny from the bedside cabinet, dropped his trousers and boxers and rolled it over his cock.  Getting into the bed on top of me I opened my legs and he guided his cock into me.  He fucked me slowly, licking and sucking my nipples as his cock slid in and out.  I reached around and grabbed his bum, pulling him deep into me.  We started to kiss sensually, it was quite a passionate and erotic fuck.  At the deepest point of penetration he was stimulating my clit, "keep going and you'll make me cum" I whispered.  We continued with his penetrating rhythm, alternating his mouth between licking my nipples and kissing me slowly on the mouth.  I grabbed his body and held it in tight as he finally pushed me to the point of an amazing body bucked as I moaned loudly.

He waited for my orgasm to end, then sat himself up and spread my legs to see his cock work its way in and out of my pussy, fucking me faster until he was cumming himself, filling the condom with spunk as it was buried inside me.  We lay in the bed for a while after, my thighs were wet and sticky with my juices.  Still completely exposed in front of him he told me that this was probably the "last time", that he was planning on moving back in with his wife.  I told him that was fine, and at least we had some fun.

He pretty much kept to his word and a week later he had moved back to his wife.  The sex was good, not amazing, and I was glad for the occasional action.

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