Saturday, 28 May 2016

New lodger pt 1

I had a guy stay as a favour to a friend-of-a-friend type thing.  He's about late 40s I guess and was splitting from his wife and needed somewhere to stay until he could get something more permanent sorted.  He was fairly miserable in general, though given the circumstances I suppose it's understandable.  I only ever really saw him in the evening, sometimes he'd sit with me and watch telly, or talk about his wife and their issues.  He wasn't quite getting divorced I don't think but a split was on the cards, he didn't seem certain what he wanted to do.

Anyway, this particular evening was a Friday and we were just watching telly and having a few wines.  It was getting late and I often caught him staring at my boobs.  Ok I wasn't wearing a bra but they're hardly pert these days :) anyway looking down I had a bit of an erect nip, but I wasn't too bothered about it.  After polishing off the wine he went to bed.  That Saturday we had a few drinks too and I couldn't help teasing him a little; "I thought I should keep my bra on tonight, things got a bit nippy last night!"  He just smiled and nodded and went quite red, bless him.  Our show ended and he looked his usual down self so I asked him what was wrong, and he talked about his wife for a bit while I listened.  I'd occasionally touch him on the knee, or thigh to show support and the fact that "I'm listening".  He'd touch my leg or arm occasionally and after a while we were both resting our hands on each other's legs.  "Another drink?" I asked, in a lull.

I went to the kitchen to top up our glasses and when I returning to the living room I put the glasses on the table and gave him a "Shhhh....".  I kissed him lightly on the lips which he reciprocated.  I took my top off while he started intently, then I unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor.  I got on my knees between his legs and ran my hands up his thighs.  "You know not every girl is like your wife?" I said.  My hands moved over to his crotch and felt his bulge.  I went to pull down his zip but he pre-empted me by doing it himself, then pulled his trousers down past his bum.  I could see his cock already hard, pushing against the cotton of his boxers.  I reached into the opening and pulled it out.  It wasn't the biggest, maybe 4 or 5 inches, but I sank my mouth around it, taking the whole length into my mouth as he let out a groan.  I slowly ran my mouth over it, up and down, him groaning each time.  I took it out of my mouth and kissed and licked the head, then licked the shaft all over, before taking it back into my mouth again, slowly and rhythmically running my lips over the whole length of his shaft.  "I'm going to cum" he whispered in harsh breaths to which I gave an "Mmmm..." noise, letting him know exactly what was going to happen when he did.  Each stoke of my mouth over his cock forced out a pant and then his cum exploded into my mouth.

"That was amazing" he said, still out of breath while I sat on the sofa beside him, his cock lying flaccid and wet, which he then put back into his boxers.  "Why did you do that?" he asked, "Some women do like sex too, you know" I smiled back.  He leaned in for a kiss, which I gave him, and his hand wandered down to my boob which he caressed for a while.  I put my bra and t-shirt back on though and told him the fun was over for tonight.

The next morning he seemed a lot more chipper, "Good last night, was it?" I asked him and he gave an enthusiastic "Yes".  "I'd loved to repay the compliment" he told me.  I was still in my dressing gown, so I kissed him and said "I have to take a shower".  After my shower I got back into my dressing gown and he was in the living room watching telly.  He got up to greet me and put his hands around my waist and we kissed.  "Come on" I said, and took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

He took his trousers and boxers down and I took off my gown, exposing myself completely.  His cock was proud and I got on the bed and spread my legs.  "Your turn" I said, and he got on the bed between my legs and started to lick me out, "oh yeah...." I moaned in encouragement, gyrating my hips and pushing my clit against his tongue, "that's it, lick that pussy".  He kept his tongue nice and wet, and mixed with my own juices it was good but I didn't think I was going to cum.  "There's johnnys in the drawer" I told him, then got on all fours to make it clear I was ready for him.  He opened one and rolled it down his cock then rammed it into me from behind.  I pushed back onto him as he thrust, fucking me hard while grabbing my ass, "fuck me" I ordered him, "that's it, fuck me".  He slammed into me a few more times before groaning then cumming.

We lay on the bed for a while, he was covered in sweat, "that was good..." I purred, fondling his
soft cock.  "Is that your dildo in the drawer?" he said, referencing my trusty rabbit.  I hadn't come yet so I took it out and turned it on so it started to buzz and handed it to him.  He got back between my legs and pushed it in and out of my pussy, letting the rabbit ears vibrate against my clit and I was soon cumming myself.  He gently lapped and kissed my pussy, tasting my juices.

"Sex with you is amazing" he confessed as we lay beside each other after.  We kissed passionately and I could taste my own pussy on his mouth.  His hands started to roam all over my body but I was done for the time being so suggested we get dressed.

More later :)

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