Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Back in the saddle

Wow, haven't blogged for ages!  So much has changed though, I've moved to a new place, got a new job, got older etc etc so I'm hardly getting any action these days.  I did have something I thought I'd write about though :)

My new flat is a two bed but sometimes I need to rent the other room out, but overall I prefer to live by myself.  Anyway I had this chap stay with me for around six months, he was new to the area, had a new job and needed somewhere to stay until he got settled.  He was 26, not too bad looking, fairly normal.  I like to think that when I do have a flat mate that they can feel at home and relaxed.  I'd explain that I leave my knickers out to dry in the kitchen, I'll probably walk around in just a towel after a shower, stuff like that and for them to hopefully not feel too uptight either.

I'd quite often catch him in the kitchen in the morning getting ready for work, and after we got easier in each other's company I'd sometimes dispense with my bathrobe and just walk around in a long t-shirt I often sleep in.  What was funny was that whenever I did, if I needed something from a drawer, or cupboard when I turned back around I often caught him glancing then pretending he wasn't, so he probably got the odd shot of my bum but I didn't mind, I was just glad of the attention :)

Anyway there were two incidents in particular that I remember, as in the whole time he was there they were the two times he was fairly undressed.  He had a t-shirt on in the kitchen in the morning but just boxers on his bottoms.  I'd be all nonchalant at the table having my cereal but obviously I was trying to get as many glances in as I could.  He wasn't particularly well built, but his boxers were loose and when he moved I got a pretty good idea of the pendulum in his pants as it would sway around and it was a good size.

The second time I caught him like that his boxers were tight, and I could pretty much see everything as the cloth clung tight around his cock and it was definitely a nice size.  After that I had quite a few sexual fantasies about him fucking me, or about me just yanking his boxers down to expose his cock and then start sucking it.

Nothing really happened though, we flirted a little from time to time, sometimes I'd get him to pick out what knickers I should wear that day if they were out drying, things like that.  He eventually left on a Saturday morning so I made sure I was up and had his deposit ready but I was still in my long T-shirt.  His car was already packed and we were saying our goodbyes and whatnot so I said to him "Come and give me a hug", so we embraced and I could tell from the duration there was something there...maybe?  So as we released I lowered by hands slowly down his body, passing over his hips and he did the same to mine.  My hands lingered on his hips and his on mine.  "Do you have to go right now?" I asked him, and replied "No, I could stay a bit longer, why?"  We looked into each others' eyes for a moment and his hand slid down the small of my back, over my arse and back to his sides.

I walked off to my bedroom and I could hear him following.  I lay down on my bed, my t-shirt riding up naturally, exposing my pussy, and he stood beside.  He took off his t-shirt, then slid down his jeans and boxers, and as he did that cock popped out, already fully erect.  He got on the bed between my legs and pushed them open, exposing me even more.  My pussy hair was a landing strip plus three days' growth, but without saying a word got between my legs and licked and flicked at my pussy and clit.  Before I could do it myself his hands slid up my t-shirt and found my erect nipples which he tweaked and played with, rubbing his fingers over them from side to side while he did the same with his tongue on my clit.  His technique was good, I was impressed....and very turned on.  Maybe too turned on...he moved up my body, lifted my T-shirt up to expose my breasts and sucked on them as he slid his cock inside me.  I was so horny I didn't care, I grabbed his butt and pulled it toward me with the rhythm his hips made as he slowly slid his cock in and out of me, "oh god, fuck me" I gently moaned which seemed to egg him on, he picked up pace and fucked me harder.  He sat upright between my legs, pushing them open at the knees, looking down at my pussy as his cock slid in and out of it.  He pulled it out, gave a few pumps with his hand and sprayed cum all over my belly.

"Was that good?" I asked.  He lay beside me and we cuddled, the cum rubbing off onto him as we started to kiss, first gently and then passionately, his hands wandering down to my pussy, finding my clit and with gentle motions brought me to orgasm too.

After a bit we both got up, got dressed and decided to go out to a cafe for breakfast.  It felt a bit weird, but ok.  We talked about sex a lot, not only the sex we'd just had but what things we liked and so on.  I confessed about seeing his cock in his boxers and about the sexual fantasies I'd had about him.  He confessed to having had similar fantasies about me, which was nice, and he talked at length about how he loved my blonde pussy (his first, no less!).  I told him I was good with blowjobs and he quite frankly said he'd love to see that, and I equally as frank told him I'd gladly suck him off.

After breakfast we went back to mine and pretty much got down to it, it was animalistic.  We went to my bedroom and both got naked, him on the bed and me between his legs, his cock in my mouth, working it with my lips and tongue, looking up at him to see him squirm in enjoyment, his hips bucking to fuck my mouth.  Sometimes I'd take a break from sucking him to lower my pussy down onto him for a few strokes, sometimes facing him and sometimes away, then going back to sucking him off again.  I knew he wouldn't last too long and when he finally did come it was in my mouth.

"I knew you'd swallow" he grinned at me when I lay back down beside him, my hands feeling his balls and the shaft of his cock still wet and sticky.  We talked a bit more and I confessed it had been probably a year or more since I'd last had sex.  He seemed surprised at that, complementing me not only on my "skills" but my general sexuality which he said he found very erotic.  After some general talk about past relationships etc I could see he was hard again so I told him to fuck me doggy style which he duly did.  We fucked hard, him ramming his big hard cock into me from behind, it felt amazing but we were both beyond cumming and stopped when exhausted.

Finally he left, but we were both very satisfied, and we still occasionally send the odd erotic text message, where he is much braver than he was in real life; gutted now knowing my arse would probably have been available if he had wanted it :)

Next time when I rent I might try and get the sex going at the start rather than the end :)


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back ��

Anonymous said...

Finally ;-)
So glad you are back

Dee said...

Welcome back, Rachael!
I've read all of your blog while you were away and have thouroughly enjoyed it.
Hope we keep hearing from you in the future and looking forward to it.