Friday, 24 December 2010

Holiday fun

I had a text message from hot tub man saying that he was visiting relatives over Christmas but he could meet up for a drink before. I told him just to come to mine and I made sure I had a clean-out before he arrived. After a few drinks he brought up my text message to him and I asked him what he thought and he said he'd be happy to oblige me.

We went through to the bedroom and I stripped off and told him to watch me for a while. He stripped too as I lubed up one of my dildos and lay on my back with my legs up and slowly teased it into my ass as I played with my clit. I worked the dildo all the way in up to the hilt and when I was feeling more comfortable I told him to take over. He reapplied some lube to it and worked it in and out of my ass at a similar rate and tongued my pussy as he did so. He was nice and gentle with his tongue all around my clit and matched with the intense feeling of the dildo I instructed him to go a bit hard and faster on my clit. He was good at taking instruction and I was panting deeper and deeper building up to an orgasm that finally came on strong, making my whole body shake, pushing my ass down even harder on the dildo.

Still recovering a little he lubed up his own cock and got between my legs. Bracing myself he slowly inched his cock inside me and compared to the dildo it felt like a tree trunk! Thank god we'd used the dildo first but it was still a little sore for the first few pumps but I was soon getting comfortable again as he took long, slow strokes. "This feels amazing" he said but I was too breathless to say much. I held my legs under my knees, keeping them up as he started to fuck me a bit faster. His face started to grimace and I could tell he was holding his own orgasm back. "Fuck my ass harder" I gasped and he certainly obliged, fucking me with faster, harder strokes. I started to yelp a little as it was getting painful but I knew he was on the brink and I was right...he let out a load moan as his pumping cock came to a stand-still, buried ball deep and it bounced and twitched as it filled my rectum with cum.

When he was done he withdrew his semi-hard cock and brought out a big dollop of cum with it. More ran out after which I moped up with my knickers and he spread my bum cheeks to admire his handiwork. His cock was clean so I took a chance and gave a few pushes to get out some more, hoping I didn't push out a big shit too lol, which he helped clean up with my knickers and then gave his own cock a wipe too to get the lube off.

He pretty much just went straight home after that and I showered as I still had lube between my butt cheeks.

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Anonymous said...

Sexy story!
Dyna :)