Sunday, 19 December 2010

Hot tub fun

It is freezing cold here and has been for a while, however a couple I met at the pub over the weekend have a hot tub in their conservatory and they reckon it's the best thing since sliced bread, especially in this weather. They're a fair bit older than me, mid 40s I'd guess, with her about my size and shape and he's a bit portly too. As the evening was getting on they said I should come back to theirs to try the hot tub and I didn't have any better offers so I said I'd give it a go. It was only while we were in the taxi over there that I considered the logistics such as me not having a swimming costume but they said we could skinny dip, and I was fairly drunk so thought "why not?" :)

We got there and they fired it up and got some drinks for us all but I waited for them to get in first. They both stripped off and slipped into the water and she had some pretty big knockers and was totally shaven, and he was totally shaven too. So I got my kit off too and joined them. To be honest after about a half hour or so, it's weird but you do kind of forget you're naked and so is everyone else. We were all nipping in and out of the tub in the buff to get drinks or whatever and he said he liked my tuft of pussy hair. I returned the compliment about his shaven cock adding that you don't get them often. He said I could have a feel so I cradled his shaven balls in my hand which felt nice and smooth. I ran my fingers up the shaft of his cock too then gripped it in my hand then ran down to feel his balls again. I could feel it start to get hard so I stopped, saying I didn't want to get him too excited.

At the point his wife said it was ok and she took over, wanking him to a full erection then started to go down on him. I just sat in the water, watching the cock sink in and out of her mouth and it was quite a turn on. She got out of his lap and bent over, leaning against the side of the tub, shoving her butt out and he got behind and started fucking her doggy style. I was sitting in the water and spread my legs a little so I could start rubbing my pussy. He withdrew his cock from his wife and headed toward me. If he was fucking his I guessed he'd be fairly clean so I also bent over the side of the tub with my butt out and he slid his cock right inside me. His bare cock pumping my cunt felt so good and I was hoping he'd go all the way. "Keep fucking me" I told him as he banged and banged me, his cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. "I want to come on your face" he said but I told him I wanted him to cum in my pussy. Four of five more big strokes and he finally came inside me, filling my pussy with jet after jet of spunk. As his cock slid out of me the cum started to run out and down the inside of my leg. I reached behind me and mopped it up with my hand and his wife got me a towel to hold between my legs to catch the rest as I stood up. It was quite a thrilling experience to be honest.

Fucking over we spent the rest of the night chatting in the pool but I have to admit I was fantasising about more sex and cum. When it was time for me to go I got dried off and dressed and ordered a taxi and they said I could come back any time. On the taxi on the way back I was still totally pissed but sent him a text saying I wanted him to cum in my ass :)

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Reed said...

It kills me how you worry about not having a swimsuit.