Saturday, 27 December 2008

Sex Shop

I took a trip to the sex store to have a look for some dildos. The sex shop is actually a gay shop (I think) but they still do a range of straight movies and there are a few toys too. I usually buy this stuff on-line but with an empty house I don't want to wait for delivery. It's a man on the till but I think of him like a doctor…ie don't be embarrassed as he has seen it all before.

I bought a pack that had a normal size dildo, an anal one, some beads and some love eggs. When I got home I fucked myself with the dildo for about half an hour and had a few orgasms.

At night I went into town for a drink, but I popped the love eggs in before I left. I helped me feel a bit sexier but I didn't have much luck on the pull. When you're "full figured" not many guys want to chat you up. I did have some interest from a guy in the first pub but I didn't really like him. I wanted to take advantage of the empty house so I headed to another pub and some a bit more luck. I had a guy chat me up for a while and he bought me all my drinks. He was lusting over my boobs…defo my best asset as guys love them. I leaned it to tell him I had was wearing some love eggs. I don't think "wearing" is the correct terminology though, but it didn't matter as it certainly seemed to please him.

We took a taxi back to mine and I went to fix us some drinks but he was pretty much all over me so I didn't bother. We had a heavy snog and he wanted to see the eggs so I sat on the sofa and hitched my skirt and pulled off my thong. I jostled them out and he started to go down on me which was nice, I hate it when guys skip the foreplay. He didn't make me cum though and I suspected he wouldn't. He took his cock out (didn't even undress…how romantic) which was an average size and thickness and I blew him for a bit. I was a little too horny for foreplay myself so I put a condom on him and got him to fuck me doggy style. He liked fucking hard which was good, and after he came we cleaned up. I wasn't sure if he wanted to stay the night but I offered him the sofa anyway which he accepted.

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