Tuesday, 30 December 2008


"A" got back today so I don't have exclusive use of the house any more. Or the bathroom. I was having a shower when he insisted he "couldn't wait" so I told him he can come in to pee. I wasn't too bothered, he's seen me naked before and I him. We've even had the odd fumble but that's for another day. He always talks about how impressive his cock is and while it is bigger than average it isn't as big as he thinks it is.

That night "A" and I went to The Westbourne. It's not quite upmarket but fairly upmarket so I dressed up smart in my dress. People must have thought "A" was my boyfriend as no-one was chatting me up. Not that that's unusual, but I usually at least get someone. When we started talking to a group of lads "A" seemed to know I subtly made it known that we weren't a couple. Not much luck though.

I got pretty drunk and back at the flat "A" went on about how great I looked in the shower, how he loves my boobs etc. He's always "up for it" but I teased him instead, telling him about the purchases I'd made.

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