Sunday, 10 October 2010

Stag do

Last night I was at my local and there was a gang of lads in on a stag-do. It was fairly early in the evening as they usually start off in small pubs like this before going to the bigger ones in town. Anyway I got chatting to them over some pool and asked if they were running a points system (they always are). I asked who had the least number of points and when the poor lads revealed themselves they weren't too bad looking. One was ginger and the other had dark hair. I played them both at pool to see if their eyes would be all over me and, not too surprisingly, they were. I wasn't really out on the pool so didn't have anything low-cut on, plus I was wearing granny knickers and hadn't trimmed my bush, but big boobs are big boobs!

Back with their friends I told them I lived quite near and would the pair of them like to go back to mine to earn a few more points? So to a fair amount of cat-calling I lead the guys outside. We walked to my place pretty much in silence and I took them both straight to the bedroom. They were both really nervous so I started by stripping off (quickly, so they didn’t see my ugly knickers) and I lay on the bed. The ginger one was first on the bed and went for my boobs, sucking on my nipples and kneading them with his hands. The dark haired one spread my legs and quite eagerly licked my pussy. I was already quite wet with the anticipation which didn't go un-noted. Having two younger guys serving you is a great feeling but I could tell they were both still quite nervous and I suppose I was a little too.

The dark haired guy was good at licking pussy but I had to direct him to start using his fingers and at what rhythm as I was really gagging for a good orgasm. Having my boobs licked and sucked was certainly helping as you don't often feel your nipples being licked at the same time as your clit. My breathing started to get quite deep and I ordered dark hair to finger fuck me faster and then the magic started happening and I had a fantastic orgasm that made me cry out. "You have to taste this pussy" the dark head said before letting the ginger one have a go. My pussy was dripping and the ginger one got stuck in to taste my juices and have a feel.

The boys both got out of their jeans and slid their boxers down. Surprisingly neither were fully hard so I think they were both still nervous. The dark hair one had a fairly average cock and the ginger one was a bit smaller but looked cute with its ginger pubes. I took them both in hand and gave them a slow wank and a few licks and sucks and they both responded before long and stiffened into life. Ginger sat on the bed for me to suck him off while dark hair rubbered up and took me from behind. Getting into a rhythm I rocked up and down on gingers cock while dark hair fucked me doggy style. Ginger's cock fitted right into my mouth and it's hard to give a good proper blow job unless the cock is a bit bigger but at least I was getting a good pounding from behind. "You have to try this…" Ginger said but it was too late as dark hair was strokes away from filling his condom with hot spunk deep inside my pussy. I stayed in the same position while ginger took his place behind me and within a few pumps he was also shooting.

I was still ready for another orgasm so I told ginger he could bring me off this time and I lay on my back for him to get to work between my legs, while his friend just watched. I was really gagging to cum as it was and the thought of him licking where his friend's cock had been banging away moments earlier added to how quickly my orgasm came.

Quite satisfied I let them get dressed and go back to the pub, but I didn't follow myself


theeyesavit said...

you naughty sure have a busy life !!

Reed said...

Picking the two low-points guys: you are so sweet.

Bringing them home to fuck you: you are so raunchy.

Blogging it for us: you are so generous.