Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sleep over

I went to a girlfriend's last night for a girlie night in. She lives with her husband but he was out so we drank wine and gossiped and watched some tv. She's very slim and attractive as is her husband, though she does have fairly small boobs. I was staying over so we all got into our night things at around 1am and her boyfriend came back around 2. We were watching a movie in the dark in our nighties so he got into the spirit and grabbed some wine himself and stripped down to his boxers to join us. My friend has boasted a few times about the size of her husband's cock so I was keen to get a good eyeful as he came into the living room, and even though it was dark I could easily see the outline of a nice package.

After the movie we turned the lights on and continued to drink and chat. As my friend moved around I got the occasional look up her nightdress and it seems she shaves completely. She has quite thick dark hair on her head but doesn't keep any bush at all. Her husband did the honours with filling my glass with wine and I couldn't help but stare at his crotch while it was right in front of me as I held my glass out to be filled. I was sitting across from him and while I tried to be very subtle and in no way obvious I'm pretty sure he got a few looks up my night dress too.

I was really hoping my friend would at least let me have some fun but alas not, eventually they went to bed and I slept on the sofa, but I did bring myself off fantasising that he snuck back in to give me a good hard fucking.

In the morning I was still asleep on the sofa under a duvet when her husband came in. My nightdress was up around my waist but under the duvet so he couldn't see. I couldn't help but slip my fingers down between my legs as we chatted. "Throw me my bag over" I said, which he did. I rummaged through it and found my underwear and he seemed comfortable milling around so I slid my knickers on under the duvet and popped my bra on under my nightdress. I got out from under the duvet and quickly slid my jeans up and lifted off my nightdress and stood just in my bra for a few moments before sliding my top on. I waited to make sure he had had a few good eyefuls and a good perv. I'm sure he doesn't get to see boobs like mine every day even if they were in a bra, and hopefully he'll be wishing he did initiate some fun the night before. Maybe next time he'll talk his wife into letting him spray spunk all over my tits or have a taste of my lovely blonde pussy :)

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Reed said...

Rachael, your blog is a good read! I'm going to have to fuck River tonight now. I've asked her for an early start. You can read about it in a day or two.