Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Boring work

I was on "store duty" at work today which we all have to do from time. It mainly involves sorting stuff out in the storeroom, answering queries and stuff but it's pretty quiet most of the time. The storeroom isn't that big and it's real boring. There's a door you can lock do when you're "out back" so people can't get into the front bit until you let them in.

So today I locked the door for a bit but stayed in the front office and had a full pussy-out finger session :) I slid my trousers off one leg, slid down my knickers and sat with my legs spread wide and fantasised about someone coming in and catching me and giving me a good hard fucking on the desk.

By the time I had finished up no-one had even knocked on the door or anything, but I don't have the guts to do it without the door locked!


Kerslake said...

What a great post! Sounds like alot of fun and good for you I say. I used to work in an office block and I often used to go for a sly wank in the 'archive room'. Risky as there was no lock but it seemed so much fun at the time! Your blog is great and would love to hear your views on mine:


nneo said...

risky stuff is such a turn-on...so is reading about it:)

Jayne's Master said...

Great... thats scary but a turn on too... I luv that risk of being caught and I do it all the time but if I do get caught I am punished.
Great blog.

Manintrouble said...

It appears that they don't make women like you here in the midwest, I am jeleous. Your blog makes me want to relocate to the UK.